2009 WGM & WGP



Shirley B. Capo
Worthy Grand Matron
Wenonah Chapter #124

Harvey F. Fishel
Worthy Grand Patron
Kittanning Chapter #277




It is with great pleasure that I extend fraternal greetings to you on behalf of Brother Harvey and myself. We are excited to be serving this grand jurisdiction and look forward to sharing in this excitement with you. The trust and confidence that you have placed in us will be aimed to serve our Order with enthusiasm and pride.

The perfect balance between service and social enjoyment requires constant fine-tuning. Our theme, Everything Old is New Again, provides the perfect opportunity. The purpose and principles of our Order will never change, but from time to time, we may need to adjust their pitch. We have that ability.

Our greatest reward for doing is the opportunity to do more. Our emphasis this year is to make each day count. Every act of kindness is measured in heartbeats. We can be active in our communities, our chapters and in our everyday lives. There are countless ways to make ourselves visible. And when your heart beats for others, it beats the loudest.

We welcome you to join us often as we travel around Pennsylvania this year and start to turn the beat around.

As you serve our beautiful Order, may you be of a constant, faithful pitch, tuned to vibrate in harmony with God’s purpose. If now and again you miss a note, may you never skip a beat.

Shirley B. Capo
Worthy Grand Matron