Regenerative Medicine

Imagine a Future where:

A friend of yours who is on the transplant list does not have to wait for a donor because he can receive one grown from his own cells – and NOT have to take rejection drugs.

Imagine no more diabetes because we can use stem cells and gene therapy to replace insulin producing cells in the pancreas.

Imagine a future where burn victims no longer have to endure the pain of skin grafts because a 3-D printer has sprayed a layer of their own cells over the burn area.

Imagine a defective bladder could be replaced with one grown in a laboratory with the persons own cells and then implanted into their body.

Imagine needing a heart valve replacement and having one grown from your own cells to be implanted.

Imagine being able to cure macular degeneration

Imagine being able to reverse conditions like hearing loss.

Imagine a time when a cure does not involve drugs that destroy the immune system or produce side effects that are almost worse than the disease.



TED Talk done by Dr. Atala, gives an excellent summary of the work Wake Forest has been doing.

If internet connection is slow, this is best viewed by saving it to your local machine and then viewing