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1980 WGP

 Douglas E. Rogers Worthy Grand Patron 1980 - 1981
Douglas E. Rogers Worthy Grand Patron 1980 – 1981

427 Chapters
Membership – 94,849

Election Of New Grand Secretary. Grand Chapter Office Moved From Jeannette To Pittsburgh.

Legislation: A Retiring Worthy Grand Matron Or Worthy Grand Patron Is Ineligible To File For An Elective Office Or Committee Until I Year Elapsed.

Shareholders Meeting Of Homes
This Was The First Meeting As We Were Operating Under A New Policy. Admissions For Residential Care Was $5,000 With A Monthly Fee Of $600. Skilled Care Was $12,000 For Admission And $800 Monthly Fee.

The Eastern Home Had 32 Life Care Guests And 11 Contract Residents. The Western Home Had 41 Life Care Guests And 6 Contract Residents.


1980 Grand Officers

Front Row Seated:  Betty L. MacAdam, AGC;  Jean  K. Sendall,  Gr. Cond.;  Jacqueline A. Lampert, WGM;  Douglas E. Rogers, WGP;  Carolyn R. Burkhardt, AGM;  M. Bruce Hofius, AGP.
Second Row:  Florence V. James, Gr. Chaplain;  Elizabeth Hammell, Gr. Marshal;  Lillian S. Tegethoff, Gr. Sec.;  Geraldine L. Silverman, Gr. Ruth;  Evelyn B. Stevens, Gr. Treas.;  Mary Ida Brown, Gr. Warder;  Jackie H. Wingard, Gr. Sentinel.
Third Row:  Jeanne A. MacPhail;  Bonnie R. Zieger, Gr. Adah;  Sara M. Quinby, Gr. Esther;  Myrtle B. Bauer, Gr. Martha;  Mardella R. Lort, Gr. Electa.

Officer Chapter Office
Jacqueline A. Lampert 295 Worthy Grand Matron
Douglas E. Rogers 192 Worthy Grand Patron
Carolyn R. Burkhardt 247 Associate Grand Matron
M. Bruce Hofius 237 Associate Grand Patron
Lillian S. Tegethoff 410 Grand Secretary
Evely n B. Stevens 375 Grand Treasurer
Jean. K. Sendall 6 Grand Conductress
Betty L MacAdam 235 Associate Grand Conductress
Margaret M. Finley, P.G.M. 155 (1 year) Grand Trustee
Nancy J. Acker, P.G.M. 114 (2 years) Grand Trustee
E. Ruth Dubec, P.G.M. 330 (3 years) Grand Trustee
Florence V. James 534 Grand Chaplain
Elizabeth Hammell 146 Grand Marshal
Jeanne A. MacPhail 392 Grand Organist
Bonnie R. Zieger 357 Grand Adah
Geraldine L. Silverman 6 Grand Ruth
Sara M. Quinby 111 Grand Esther
Myrtle B. Bauer 295 Grand Martha
Mardella R. Lort 501 Grand Electa
Mary Ida Brown 378 Grand Warder
Jackie H. Wingard 226 Grand Sentinel