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2018 Grand Chapter

The “Do you See what I See Session”

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2019-21 Worthy Grand Matron

2019-21 Worthy Grand Matron

Orpha Kemmler


Orpha G. Kemmler
Mount Union Chapter No. 280
Region 7A





WGM SCRIPTURES:     For His lovingkindness is great toward us, And the truth of the LORD is everlasting. Praise the LORD!                   Psalm 117:2

If your gift is serving others, serve them well. If you are a teacher, teach well. If your gift is to encourage others, be encouraging. If it is giving, give generously. If God has given you leadership ability, take the responsibility seriously. And if you have a gift for showing kindness to others, do it gladly.            Romans 12:7-8

WGM THEME:   Charity, Truth and Loving-Kindness

WGM EMBLEM:   Endless Knot

WGM FUN EMBLEM:   Carousel

FLOWER:   All Spring Flowers

COLORS:   Red, Black and Silver

Charity,  Fraternal, Membership

Photos from the 2021 Session are available here.
And on the 2019-2021 WGM/WGP pages
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2019-21 Session Committee

2019-21 Session Committee









Mark R. Major (95) (6)                               Co-Chairman
George M. Camlin (404)(3B)                 Worthy Grand Patron
Orpha G. Kemmler (280)(7A)               Worthy Grand Matron
Andrea V. McCabe (312) (14B)            General Chairman

Dawn M. McCoy (Miss) (446) (10A)  Secretary
Karen A. McKibben  (375) (8A)           Treasurer
Debra A. Buckman (28) (9)                    Choir
Gretchen Songster (148) (6)                Daily Luncheons
Linda L. Sipple  (1) (12A)                         Decorations
Melanie M. Pysher (163) (12B)          Divine Service/
Vicki L. Glatfelter  (479) (8A)               Friday Night  Entertainment
Nancy A. Fox (404) (3B)                          Grand Banquet
Lisa G. Shetron (519) (8A)                     Honors and Protocol
Julie E. Hall (459) (8A)                             Hospitality
Garnett W. Moore (280) (7A)             Housing
Kathy D. Davis (435) (5A)                     Out of State
Stephanie Kingsbauer  (339) (14A) Pages
Dennis Devine (190) (9)                         Paraphernalia
Robert D. Kline (483) (10B)                 Vendors

2019-21 Deputy Grand Matrons

2019-21 Deputy Grand Matrons

1A           Bonnie Cleaver (324)
1B           Julie R. Bridge (180)
2              Jean English (230)
3A           Nancy A. McMillin (164)
3B           Melody L Snyder (439)
4B           Holly Jill Patterson (247)
4C           Susan l. Ross (316)
5A           Martha J. Hunter (221)
5B           Carolyn R. Paulsen (45)
6              Connie Jones (328)
7A           Janet M. Clabaugh (471)
7B           Mary Ann Ling (41)
8A           Margaret Kalasky (479)
8B           Laura Heisey (512)
9              Pristeen D. Zimmerman (394)
10A         Helen Heron  (499)
10B         Catherine C.  White (360)
11A         Lois l. Neuber (70)
11B         Kathy L. Whitney (12)
11C         Vicky J. Botjer (198)
12A         Jan L. Jacobus (107)
12B         Deborah L. Robinson (298)
13A         Dale Goodyear (449)
13B         Linda J. Reading  (424)
14A         Kelli J. Messing (338)
14B         Susan L. Gotta (374)
15            Bettie J. Wrigley (347)



2019-21 Grand Officers

  2019-21 Grand Officers


Worthy Grand Matron:
Orpha G. Kemmler (Mrs. Monte) (280) (7A)
Worthy Grand Patron:
George M. Camlin (M. Joyce)  (404) (3B)
Associate Grand Matron:
Linda E. Watson (Robert P) (509) (8B)
Associate Grand Patron:
Jeffrey R. Miller (Laurie) (375) (8A)
Grand Secretary:
Virginia L. (Gee Gee) Plyler (Richard) (312) (14B)
Grand Treasurer:
Susan K. Fisher (280)(7A)
Grand Conductress:
Linda M. Dimino (12) (11B)
Associate Grand Conductress:
Joyce E. Plonka (Frank) (180) (1B)
Grand Trustee
Robert F. Trimble (Lisa) (463) (15)
Robert C. Penoyer (appointed) (Mariel) (407)(10B
Lisa S. Weaver (Edward Glantz) (388) (7A)
Grand Chaplain:
Kathryn M. Gracey (Mrs.) (519) (8A)
Grand Marshal:
Susan A. Croumer (Mrs.) (407) (10A)
Grand Organist:
Sharon R. Cooley (Kevin) (392) (8A)
Grand Adah:
Linda J. Jordan (Tim) (478) (1A)
Grand Ruth:
Cynthia E. McDaniel (Mrs.) (404) (3B)
Grand Esther:
Diane L. Beppler (Miss) (551) (15)
Grand Martha:
Sylvia J. Devine (Mrs. Dennis) (190) (9)
Grand Electa:
Susan E. Britten (Mrs. Richard) (153) (1A)
Grand Warder:
Michelle R. Byers (Michael) (459) (8A)
Grand Sentinel:
Michael E. Byers (Michelle) (459) (8A)

Grand Secretary Emeritus:
Patricia M. Jackson (Mrs. Robert) (96) (14A)
Mary Ann Rhode (Mrs. Ronald) (449) (13A)
Grand Treasurer Emeritus:
Jean D. Fey, PGM (Mrs. John H.) (491) (4C)
Martha A Johns (Mrs. Larry) (392) (8A)


2019-21 Worthy Grand Patron

2019-21 Worthy Grand Patron


George M. Camlin
Martha V. Paul # 404
Region 3B





WGP SCRIPTURE:       Finally, all of you, live in harmony with one another, be sympathetic , love as brothers, be compassionate and humble.      1 Peter 3:8

WGP THEME:               Working together in Harmony

WGP EMBLEM:            Music Train

FLOWER:                     All Spring Flowers

COLORS:                     Red, Black and Silver


Photos from the 2021 Session are available here.
And on the 2019-2021 WGM/WGP pages
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