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Special WGM Communications

UPDATED 01/29/2023

Special Communications from the WGM/WGP are posted in the links below.  They will be updated and posted in the order received (most recent at the TOP of the list)   ..

Home Festival Events are going to be DIFFERENT because of COVID.   Please Check the fliers below.

Eastern Festival Feb 11, 2023
Central Festival March 4, 2023

Western Festival  April 22, 2023 —
Swickley Masonic Village is

currently on COVID lockdown.
The Western village visitation is currently on hold.
Will update when new information is available 

Western Festival to come soon…..

NOTE:  When making reservations for OES events, please DO NOT text or private message via Facebook.  (No member of PA OES has all members loaded into their contacts and not everyone does Facebook.)  Reservations may be made by US Mail, email or phone call to the person taking the reservations.  Please include your name, title, Chapter Name & Number and Region as well as the name, title, Chapter Name & Number and Region of each person for whom you are making reservations.  Be aware that, in most cases, dietary restrictions will only be honored when given with the reservation.  THANK YOU!

Service Dogs


Updated 07/06/2022

At the 48th Triennial Assembly of the General Grand Chapter,
Order of the Eastern Star, Service Dogs was established as
primary and permanent charity of General grand Chapter along
with the adoption of a Service Dog Committee as a Standing
Committee.  The overall goal is to identify the Eastern Star
with Service Dogs.  Funds raised in PA stay in PA and will
enable the Service Dog Committee give funds towards
service dogs in our communities.

What is a Service Dog?
1.   Service Dogs are defined as dogs that are individually trained to
do  work or perform tasks for people with disabilities.
2.   Service Dogs undergo extensive training to perform their jobs.
3.   Service Dogs perform a variety of different tasks.
4.   Service Dogs are NOT pets.  Do not pet, talk to, or distract a
working service dog.
5.   The only types of animals recognized as trained to do
work/perform tasks for people with disabilities are dogs and
miniature horses.
6.   Service dogs can be any breed or size.  While larger dogs such
as Labradors are commonly used as guide and mobility dogs,
smaller dogs can also be service dogs.
7.   Service dogs should (but don’t always) wear special harnesses or
vests with patches identifying them as service, guide, or medical
alert dogs.
8.  A Service dog is expected to behave in accordance with strict
standards, and its handler is expected to adhere to dog handler
9.  Service dogs are allowed access to anyplace that is open to the
public, however can be asked to leave if not under control.
10. A Service dog must be accompanying a disabled person in order
to be granted access.  The rights of the disabled handler are
protected – not the dog. Remember, not all types of disabilities
are apparent to others.

There are different types of service dogs:  guide dogs for the blind,
earing dogs, mobility dogs, medical alert dogs, medical assistance dogs, and psychiatric service dogs.

2021 Worthy Grand Patron

2021 Worthy Grand Patron


Jeffrey R. Miller
Old Bellaire Chapter No. 375
Region 8A






WGP SCRIPTURES: When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”  John 8:12 NIV

WGP Theme: With A Song in Our Hearts

WGP Emblem:  Be enthusiastic for OES!

WGM & WGP Special Project:  Penn State Children’s Hospital and The Masonic Villages Children’s Homes

Honor Station: Star Point Esther


2021 Worthy Grand Matron

2021 Worthy Grand Matron


Linda E. Watson
Hershey Chapter No. 509
Region 8B






WGM SCRIPTURES: Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing in Grace in your hearts to the Lord.   Colossians 3: 16

WGM Theme: With A Song in Our Hearts

WGM Emblem:  Musical Staff of Flowers

Flowers: Blue Hydrangeas; Red Roses

WGM & WGP Special Project:  Penn State Children’s Hospital and The Masonic Villages Children’s Homes

Honor Station: Star Point Esther


2021-22 Session

2021-2022 Session Committee

Session Committee:
Front Row (Seated):
Violet L. Welk, Secretary
Cathy A. Hoke, General Chairman
Linda E. Watson, Worthy Gr Matron
Jeffrey R. Miller Worthy Gr Patron
Valerie J. Guiseppe, Co-Chairman
Debra K. Crabb, Treasurer
Nicole D. Hurlbutt
Carol A. Hunt, Hospitality
Sabrina L. Brobst, Pages
Cathy L. Melville, Honors and Protocol
Linda M. Larson, Divine Service and Necrology
Laura Heisey, Daily Luncheons
Linda M. Johnson, Decorations

Back Row:
Sharon K. Wise, Grand Banquet
Janette M. Harms, Information
Eric R. Holden, Housing
Michael E. Byers, Paraphernalia
John J. Colaianne, Vendors and Safety
Toni A. Harmony, Out of State Entertainment
Tawny K. Mummah, Saturday Night Entertainment

Chapter Region
Session Chair Cathy A. Hoke 425 8B
Co-Chair Valerie J. Guiseppe 249 15
Secretary Violet L. Welk 422 10A
Treasurer Debora K. Crabb 394 9
Choir Director Nicole D. Hurlbutt 28 9
Daily Luncheons Laura Heisey 552 8B
Decorations Linda M. Johnson 396 12
Divine Service & Necrology Linda M. Larson 392 8A
Grand Banquet Sharon Wise 205 4
Hospitality Carol A. Hunt 67 11C
Housing Eric R. Holden 342 8A
Honors and Protocol Cathy L. Melville 221 5A
Information Janette M. Harms 509 8B
Out-of-State Entertainment Toni A. Harmony 509 8B
Pages Sabrina Brobst 154 13B
Paraphernalia Michael E. Byers 459 8A
Saturday Night Entertainment Tawny K. Mummah 260 8A
Vendors & Safety John J. Colaianne 229 5B