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128th Session Committee for 2022-2023:



Terry L. Kamerzel, Daily Luncheons
Cynthia A. Wooden, Divine Service & Necrology
Norma J. Ridder, General Chairman
Linda M. Dimino, Worthy Grand Matron
J. David McKibben, Worthy Grand Patron
Linda K. May, Co-Chairman
Susan L. Klingler, Treasurer

Second Row:

Janet M. Clabaugh, Hospitality
Sharon E. Johnson, Decorations
Jo Etta A. Sollenberger, Secretary
Diane M. Devine, Grand Banquet
Catherine S. Dazio, Information
Olive A. Stoops, Pages

Third Row:

Jacob R. Benscoter Jr., Vendors/Safety
Elaine M. Mann, Choir Director
Lisa G. Shetron, Out of State Entertainment
Debbie A. Helm, Honors and Protocol
Michael K. Ware, Paraphernalia

Chapter Region
General Chairman Norma J. Ridder 422 10A
Co-Chairman Linda K. May 360 10B
Secretary Jo Etta A. Sollenberger 375 8A
Treasurer Susan L. Klingler 45 5B
Choir Director Elaine M. Mann 169 10B
Daily Luncheons Terry L. Kamerzel 552 8B
Decorations Sharon E. Johnson 375 8A
Divine Service Cynthia A. Wooden 151 11B
Grand Banquet Diane M. Devine 483 10B
Honors and Protocol Debbie A. Helm 375 8A
Hospitality Janet M. Clabaugh 471 7A
Housing Brenda J. Gladfelter 483 10B
Information Catherine S.  Dazio 249 15
Out of State Lisa G. Shetron 519 8A
Pages Olive A. Stoops 459 8A
Paraphernalia Michael K. Ware 163 12B
Vendors /Safety Jacob R. Benscoter Jr 190 9


2022-23 Deputy Grand Matrons

Deputy Grand Matrons for 2022-2023:

Row 1

Deborah Stevens,  Region 10B, 532
Kristyn T. Kaari,  Region 14A, 64
Nicole D. Hurlbutt,  Region 7A, 388
Linda Dimino, W.G.M.
J. David McKibben, W. G. P.
Carmen Ferber,  Region  8A, 375
Cathy A. Hoke,  Region 8B, 425

Row 2

Dawn M. McCoy,  Region 10A, 446
Evon B. Moyle,  Region 14B, 312
Martha Baird,  Region 12A, 396
Kathryn E. Hawkins,  Region 5B, 277
Debra J. Kinney,   Region 7B, 138
TruAnn R. Berger,  Region 12B, 235
Joan M. Kreibel,  Region 2, 267
Diana Hlavsa,  Region 5A, 400

Row 3

Deborah J. Miller,  Region 6, 95
Jean Waters,  Region 11C, 67
Carolyn M. Alexander,  Region 1B, 110
Ellen M. Rezek,  Region 1A, 44
Vicki L. Benscoter,  Region 9, 190
Sandra J. Buckley,  Region 13A, 251
Jennifer Hoopes,  Region 15, 249
Nancy E. Sharer,  Region 11A, 498


Rhonda Morrison, Region 11B, 151
Grace McClester, Region 3, 164
Debra L. Kobosky, Region 4, 205


1A Ellen M. Rezek, PM 44
1B Carolyn M. Alexander 110  NA
2 Joan M. Kriebel 267 
3 Grace M. McClester 164
4 Debra L. Kobosky 205
5A Diana M. Hlavsa 400
5B Kathryn E. Hawkins 277 KathyHawkins18@yahoo,com
6 Deborah J. Miller 95
7A Nicole D Hurlbutt 388
7B Debra J. Kinney 138
8A Carmen  A. Ferber 375
8B Cathy A. Hoke 425
9 Vicki L. Benscoter 190
10A Dawn M. McCoy 446
10B Deborah A. Stevens 532  
11A Nancy E. Sharer 498
11B Rhonda L. Morrison 151
11C Jean M. Waters 67
12A Martha  A. Baird 396
12B TruAnn R. Berger 235 
13A Sandra J. Buckley 251
 14A Kristyn T. Kaari 64 
14B Evon B. Moyle 312
15 Jennifer  S. Hoopes 249




2022-23 Grand Officers

Grand Family photo:

Front Row (Seated):

Diane S. Runser, Grand Organist
M. Joyce Camlin, Associate Grand Conductress
Marcia H. Holland, Grand Conductress
Linda M. Dimino, Worthy Grand Matron
J. David McKibben, Worthy Grand Patron
Joyce E. Plonka, Associate Grand Matron
Robert F. Trimble, Associate Grand Patron

Second Row:

Karen A. McKibben, Grand Ruth
Cincy L. Buckingham, Grand Electa
Deborah A. Schiesser, Grand Warder
Debora L. Whitfield, Grand Esther
Melody L. Snyder, Grand Adah
Virginia L. Plyler, PGM, Grand Secretary
Susan K. Fisher, Grand Treaurer

Back Row:

Richard D. Britten, Sr., Grand Sentinel
Sandra L. Spickler, Grand Martha
Susan L. Gotta, Grand Chaplain
Angela D. DiPetta, Grand Marshal
Lisa S. Weaver, Grand Trustee
Vicky J. Botjer, Grand Trustee
Missing:  Donald C. Graver, PGP, Grand Trustee

Chapter Region
Worthy Grand Matron: Linda M. Dimino
12 11B
Worthy Grand Patron: J. David McKibben (Karen) 375 8A
Grand Secretary: Virginia L. Gee Gee Plyler (Richard) 312 14B
Grand Treasurer: Susan K. Fisher 280 7A
Associate Grand Matron:  Joyce E. Plonka 180 1B
Associate Grand Patron: Robert F. Trimble (Lisa) 463 15
Grand Conductress: Marcia H. Holland (Joseph) 356 3
Associate Grand Conductress: M. Joyce Camlin (George) 404 3
Grand Trustee: Lisa Weaver 388 7A
Grand Trustee: Vicky J. Botjer 198 11C
Grand Trustee: Donald C. Graver 446 10A
Grand Chaplain: Susan L. Gotta 374 14B
Grand Marshal: Angela D. DiPetta 33 6
Grand Organist: Dianne S. Runser 400 5A
Grand Adah: Melody L. Snyder 439 3
Grand Ruth: Karen A. McKibben 375 8A
Grand Esther:  Debora L. Whitfield 356 3
Grand Martha Sandra L. Spickler 374 14B
Grand Electa: Cindy Buckingham 148 6
Grand Warder: Deborah Schiesser 327 14B
Grand Sentinel Richard D. Britten, Sr. 153 1A


2022 Worthy Grand Patron

Updated September 13, 2022

J. David McKibben

MESSAGE to my Sisters and Brothers,

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in Heaven”. Matthew 5:16. My Bible verse speaks out to each of us as we begin a new Grand Chapter year. Will you let your light shine brighter to other sisters and brothers or those in your community this year? Maybe its mentoring a new member that recently joined your chapter, or presenting a new fundraising idea, or doing something special for our Veterans; there are many ways to make your individual light shine before others this year.

As Linda and I prepare to travel to our many itinerary events this year I hope to see your guiding lights shining brightly for our Order.

I am honored to have the privilege to serve as your Worthy Grand Patron. Remember to be a guiding light, a beacon of inspiration, kindness and hope for those around you!

Fraternally,  David McKibben Worthy Grand Patron

Scriptures:  In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and praise your father in heaven.
Mathew 5:16

Theme:  Be a Guiding Light, and a beacon of inspiration, kindness and hope for those around you.

Emblem: Lighthouse

Special Project:  CHOP (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia) and Central PA,         Down Syndrome Awareness Group


2022 Worthy Grand Matron

Updated September 13, 2022

Linda M. Dimino


Message from the Worthy Grand Matron….

My Sisters and Brothers, it is with great humility, honor, and privilege that I serve as your Worthy Grand Matron.  I cannot adequately express my gratitude for the trust and confidence that you, the members, have placed in me.

Brother David and I trust that you will continue to attend as many Eastern Star events as your schedule will allow.  Maintaining traditions and enjoying fellowship is what sets our organization apart from others.

For just a moment, imagine that snow is lightly falling, crisp wind is gently blowing, and you are beginning to plan for the December holidays.  Do you feel that special feeling of kindness just thinking about that time of the year? 

It is my hope that together we can keep the Warmth of the Season throughout the year.  To that end, let us strive to promote Peace and Harmony in all we do.

Fraternally, Linda M. Dimino

THEME: Warmth of the Season.

AIM: To promote peace, harmony and kindness in all we do
To increase our community’s awareness of Our beautiful Order.

MOTTO: Be a blessing to someone each day.

EMBLEMS: Dove – Symbol of Peace and Harmony, Moravian Star

FLOWERS: Stargazer Lilies, Peace Rose, and Forget-Me-Not’s

COLORS:  Orchid, Dark Green, Pink and a touch of Silver

Scripture:   For we have seen his star in the East and are come to worship him. Mathew 2:2

How wonderful it is and how pleasant for God’s people to live

SPECIAL PROJECT:  CHOP (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia) and Central PA