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Your Sparkle Counts

Let us introduce you to the “Your Sparkle Counts!” committee.  We are so excited to begin the journey to increase our OES SPARKLE across Pennsylvania during Joyce & Bobby’s year as WGM & WGP.  For the “Your Sparkle Counts!” committee, you can earn points as you SPARKLE this year to Serve, Participate, Assist others, improve Ritualistic work, spread Kindness, provide Leadership…all to Electrify OES.

Please use a “Your Sparkle Counts!” Chapter Member Points Form to start recording your points each time you SPARKLE for OES this year (see links below).  As your SPARKLE shines brighter & brighter and you’ve earned 100 points, your Chapter Representative will award you your first wristband.  You may earn up to 5 wristbands ~ one for each 100 points you earn ~ blue, yellow, white, green, & finally red.  Please turn in a copy of your form to your Chapter Representative at each Chapter meeting, so we can watch the SPARKLE grow across the state each month.  When you SHINE BRIGHT enough to earn all 5 wristbands, please continue to record points and turn in your forms each month to help your Chapter, Region, & Section grow their SPARKLE.

Each Region AGCCM has a “Steppin’ Up Trophy” to be presented each month to the Chapter that STEPPED UP and showed the most SPARKLE!  There will be additional awards at Grand Chapter next year in June, BY THE SHORE IN 2024, so we need everyone to SPARKLE ON!

We know we can COUNT on you to help ENERGIZE PA OES by bringing SPARKLE to all that you say and do this year because..



Your Sparkle Counts! Chapter Member Form PDF

Your Sparkle Counts! Chapter Member Form WORD

Your Sparkle Counts! Chapter Member Form EXCEL

Your Committee Chairmen

Sharon K Wise, General Chairman

Linda L Shafer, Eastern Chairman

Debra K Crabb, Central Chairman

Joan M Kriebel, Western Chairman|


Sessions 2023-24

2023-24 Sessions

Front Row: Debra Kobosky, Dawn McCoy, Patty Sopp, Joyce Plonka,
Robert Trimble, Diana Hlavsa, Judy Wright, Judy Lewis
Top Row: Michelle Burns, Sandy Voegler, Dale Goodyear,
Suzan Freed, Valerie Guiseppe, Jona Green, Katie McGuire,
Cheryl Mansour, Heather Seigworth, Joseph DeThomas
Missing: Barbara Carothers, Robert Holderbaum


Chapter Region Position


Patricia Sopp 22 1A General Chairman
Diana Hlavsa 400 5A Co-Chairman
Dawn McCoy 446 10A Secretary
Judith Wright 15 6 Treasurer
Barbara Carothers 110 1B Choir Director
Debbie Kobosky 205 4 Daily Luncheons
Michelle Burns 180 1B Decorations
Dale Goodyear 449 13A Divine Service/Necrology
Valerie Guiseppe 249 15 Grand Banquet
Cheryl  G Mansour 180 1B Honors and Protocol
Jona L Green 446 10A Hospitality
Judith A. Lewis 249 15 Housing
Sandy Voegler 356 3 Information
Katherine E McGuire 316 4 Pages
Joseph J DeThomas 404 3 Paraphernalia
Suzan Freed 164 3 Saturday Night
Robert Holderbaum 229 5B Technical Advisor
Heather L. Seigworth 267 2 Vendors /Safety

2023-24 GO

2023-24 Grand Officers

Front Row: Debbie A. Helm, Virginia L. Plyer, Marcia H. Holland,
Joyce E. Plonka, Bob Trimble, Michael R. Byers, Susan K. Fisher,
M. Joyce Camlin,
Middle Row: Donald C. Graver, Allison C. Wheeler, Carol E. Ruffner,
Dawn L. Shaver-Quinn, Lisa M. Francart, Jody L. Reed,
Back Row:  Vicky J. Botjer, Lisa S. Weaver, Janet F. Stewart,
Julie R. Bridge, Grace M. McClester, Joann P. Vogan,
Edward J. Glantz


Office: Name: Chapter
Region: Email:
Worthy Grand Matron Joyce E. Plonka 180 1B
Worthy Grand Patron Robert F. Trimble (Lisa) 446 10A
Assoc. Grand Matron Marcia H. Holland 356 3
Assoc Grand Patron Michael E. Byers 459 8A
Grand Secretary Virginia L. (Gee Gee) Plyler (Richard) 312 14B
Grand Treasurer Susan K. Fisher 280 7A
Grand Conductress M. Joyce Camlin (George) 404 3
Assoc. Grand Conductress Debbie A. Helm 375 8A
Grand Trustee Vicky J. Botjer 198 11C
Grand Trustee Lisa S. Weaver (Edward Glantz) 388 10A
Grand Chaplain Janet F Stewart 267 2
Grand Marshal Julie R Bridge 180 1B
Grand Organist Grace M McClester 164 3
Grand Adah Allison C. “Chris” Wheeler 156 1B Allison C. “Chris” Wheeler
Grand Ruth Carol E Ruffner 115 13A
Grand Esther Dawn L Shaver-Quinn 58 12A
Grand Martha Lisa M Francart 446 10A
Grand Electa Jody L Reed 180 1B
Grand Warder JoAnn P Vogan 267 2
Grand Sentine; Edward J Glantz 388 7A
Personal Secy to WGM Roberta M. Hensel 180 1B

Worthy Grand Matron:         Joyce E. Plonka (180) (1B)
Worthy Grand Patron        Robert F. Trimble (Lisa) (446) (10A)

Associate Grand Matron:         Marcia H. Holland (356) (3)

Associate Grand Patron:      Michael E. Byers (459) (8A)

Grand Secretary:        Virginia L. (Gee Gee) Plyler (Richard) (312) (14B)

Grand Treasurer:        Susan K. Fisher (280) (7A)

Grand Conductress: Joyce Camlin (George) (404) (3)

Associate Grand Conductress:       Debbie A. Helm (375) (8A)

Grand Trustee

Lisa S. Weaver (Edward Glantz) (388) (7A)

Grand Trustee

Vicky J. Botjer (198) (11C)

Grand Trustee

Donald C. Graver, PGP (Sidney) (446) (10A)

Grand Chaplain:

Janet F Stewart (267) (2)

Grand Marshal:

Julie R Bridge (180) (1B)

Grand Organist:

Grace M McClester (164) (3)

Grand Adah:

Allison  C.Wheeler (156) (1B)

Grand Ruth:

Carol E Ruffner (115) (13A)

Grand Esther:

Dawn L Shaver-Quinn (58) (12A)

Grand Martha:

      Lisa M Francart (446) (10A)

Grand Electa:

      Jody L Reed (180) (1B)

Grand Warder:

JoAnn P Vogan  (267) (2)

Grand Sentinel:

      Edward J Glantz (388) (7A)

Grand Secretary Emeritus

Mary Ann Rhode (Ronald) (449) (13A)

Grand Treasurer Emeritus:

Martha A. Johns (Larry) (392) (8A)

Personal Secretary to the WGM:

Roberta M. Hensel (180) (1B)


2023-24 Deputy Grand Matrons


Region Deputy Chapter Email
1A Ellen M. Rezek, PM 44
1B Sara-Rae (Sally) Young 156
2 Lois Pierce 14
3 Rae Ann Zwick 212
4 Cheryl Eichner 205
5A Lorena Watson 400
5B Oma Beck 125
6 Deborah J. Miller 95
7A Noreen Gault 290
7B Nancy L.Rodkey 548
8A Michelle R. Byers 459
8B Cathy A. Hoke 425
9  Vicki L. Benscoter 190
10A Saralee B Tollinger 446
10B  Diane M. Devine 483
11A/B Paula Geary 74
11C Jean M. Waters 67
12A Elisabeth K Ford 58
12B Karen J Snyder 235
13A  Sandra J. Buckley 251
13B Sabrina Brobst 424
 14A Kristyn T. Kaari 64
14B Jill Matteucci Gombosi 327
15 Jennifer  S. Hoopes 249


2023 Worthy Grand Patron

Robert F. Trimble

Robert Fulton
Chapter No. 446
Region 10A




Scriptures: We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.
Romans 8:28
I can do all things through him who strengthens me.
Philippians 4:13

Theme: Be kind to others and treat them the same way that you wish to be treated.

Emblem: Tractor

Flowers: Iris

Colors: Blue

WGM & WGP Special Project: Shriners Hospitals for Children & Scottish Rite Dyslexia Centers

Honor Station: Grand Marshall