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128th Session Committee for 2022-2023:



Terry L. Kamerzel, Daily Luncheons
Cynthia A. Wooden, Divine Service & Necrology
Norma J. Ridder, General Chairman
Linda M. Dimino, Worthy Grand Matron
J. David McKibben, Worthy Grand Patron
Linda K. May, Co-Chairman
Susan L. Klingler, Treasurer

Second Row:

Janet M. Clabaugh, Hospitality
Sharon E. Johnson, Decorations
Jo Etta A. Sollenberger, Secretary
Diane M. Devine, Grand Banquet
Catherine S. Dazio, Information
Olive A. Stoops, Pages

Third Row:

Jacob R. Benscoter Jr., Vendors/Safety
Elaine M. Mann, Choir Director
Lisa G. Shetron, Out of State Entertainment
Debbie A. Helm, Honors and Protocol
Michael K. Ware, Paraphernalia

Chapter Region
General Chairman Norma J. Ridder 422 10A
Co-Chairman Linda K. May 360 10B
Secretary Jo Etta A. Sollenberger 375 8A
Treasurer Susan L. Klingler 45 5B
Choir Director Elaine M. Mann 169 10B
Daily Luncheons Terry L. Kamerzel 552 8B
Decorations Sharon E. Johnson 375 8A
Divine Service Cynthia A. Wooden 151 11B
Grand Banquet Diane M. Devine 483 10B
Honors and Protocol Debbie A. Helm 375 8A
Hospitality Janet M. Clabaugh 471 7A
Housing Brenda J. Gladfelter 483 10B
Information Catherine S.  Dazio 249 15
Out of State Lisa G. Shetron 519 8A
Pages Olive A. Stoops 459 8A
Paraphernalia Michael K. Ware 163 12B
Vendors /Safety Jacob R. Benscoter Jr 190 9


2021-22 Session

2021-2022 Session Committee

Session Committee:
Front Row (Seated):
Violet L. Welk, Secretary
Cathy A. Hoke, General Chairman
Linda E. Watson, Worthy Gr Matron
Jeffrey R. Miller Worthy Gr Patron
Valerie J. Guiseppe, Co-Chairman
Debra K. Crabb, Treasurer
Nicole D. Hurlbutt
Carol A. Hunt, Hospitality
Sabrina L. Brobst, Pages
Cathy L. Melville, Honors and Protocol
Linda M. Larson, Divine Service and Necrology
Laura Heisey, Daily Luncheons
Linda M. Johnson, Decorations

Back Row:
Sharon K. Wise, Grand Banquet
Janette M. Harms, Information
Eric R. Holden, Housing
Michael E. Byers, Paraphernalia
John J. Colaianne, Vendors and Safety
Toni A. Harmony, Out of State Entertainment
Tawny K. Mummah, Saturday Night Entertainment

Chapter Region
Session Chair Cathy A. Hoke 425 8B
Co-Chair Valerie J. Guiseppe 249 15
Secretary Violet L. Welk 422 10A
Treasurer Debora K. Crabb 394 9
Choir Director Nicole D. Hurlbutt 28 9
Daily Luncheons Laura Heisey 552 8B
Decorations Linda M. Johnson 396 12
Divine Service & Necrology Linda M. Larson 392 8A
Grand Banquet Sharon Wise 205 4
Hospitality Carol A. Hunt 67 11C
Housing Eric R. Holden 342 8A
Honors and Protocol Cathy L. Melville 221 5A
Information Janette M. Harms 509 8B
Out-of-State Entertainment Toni A. Harmony 509 8B
Pages Sabrina Brobst 154 13B
Paraphernalia Michael E. Byers 459 8A
Saturday Night Entertainment Tawny K. Mummah 260 8A
Vendors & Safety John J. Colaianne 229 5B


2018 Grand Chapter

The “Do you See what I See Session”

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2019-21 Session Committee

2019-21 Session Committee









Mark R. Major (95) (6)                               Co-Chairman
George M. Camlin (404)(3B)                 Worthy Grand Patron
Orpha G. Kemmler (280)(7A)               Worthy Grand Matron
Andrea V. McCabe (312) (14B)            General Chairman

Dawn M. McCoy (Miss) (446) (10A)  Secretary
Karen A. McKibben  (375) (8A)           Treasurer
Debra A. Buckman (28) (9)                    Choir
Gretchen Songster (148) (6)                Daily Luncheons
Linda L. Sipple  (1) (12A)                         Decorations
Melanie M. Pysher (163) (12B)          Divine Service/
Vicki L. Glatfelter  (479) (8A)               Friday Night  Entertainment
Nancy A. Fox (404) (3B)                          Grand Banquet
Lisa G. Shetron (519) (8A)                     Honors and Protocol
Julie E. Hall (459) (8A)                             Hospitality
Garnett W. Moore (280) (7A)             Housing
Kathy D. Davis (435) (5A)                     Out of State
Stephanie Kingsbauer  (339) (14A) Pages
Dennis Devine (190) (9)                         Paraphernalia
Robert D. Kline (483) (10B)                 Vendors

2017 Session Committee

Front row seated :  Cathy A. Wilkie (229)(5B), Emily D. McCarthy, Donald C. Graver, Maggie M. Kemp (235)(12B)

2nd row : Carla R. Holderbaum (229)(5B), Debbie Griffith (495)(7B), Teri L. Seiter (352)(15), Connie F. Wood (483)(10B), Linda L. Shafer (163)(8A)

3rd Row: Tina  M. Haley (12)(11B), Kathleen L. Hahn (298)(12B), Cherie L. Thomas (28)(9), Michele A. Marshall (229)(5B), Patricia A. Longwell (277)(5B), Nancy Younker (519)(8A)

4th Row: Donald L. Gladfelter (483)(10B),  Evelyn B. Kohl (509)(8B), Susan Gotta (374)(14B), Cynthia L. Kaufman (298)(12B), Richard D. Wary (367)(12B)