Excellence Program

Barbara E. Adams
Ritualistic Excellence Award Program


We are very pleased to announce that we will continue the Barbara E. Adams Ritualistic Excellence Award Program again this year.   As soon as the formal information is available it will be posted here

To Participate in the testing, Fill in and Submit, or Print and Submit the Entry Form

Scoring Sheet for

Scoring Sheet for

NOTE: Adobe 9.0 or newer is required for successful submission through the Web. If you do not have the latest version, you should PRINT the form and submit it through the mail
If You have difficulty completing the form on-line, PRINT it and mail in before the deadline.

Numerous Sisters and Brothers have demonstrated their dedication to learning the ritualistic work and passing these tests.

Information is being gathered
36 – Electa’s Opening and Initiation
16 – Initiatory Versus

43 Sisters – Adah’s Opening and Initiation
19 Brothers – Signet Lecture

45 Sisters – Martha’s Opening and Initiation
34 Brothers – Obligation