Important Dates-Next Year

Updated 04/12/2021
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Linda and Jeff’s Important Statewide Dates

July 9 North Eastern Regions’ School of Instruction (SOI), Taylor, PA
July 10 South Eastern Regions’ SOI, Norristown, PA
July 16 South Western Regions’ School of Instruction, Greensburg, PA
July 17 North Western Regions’ School of Instruction, Albion, PA
July 23 Southern Central Regions’ SOI, Carlisle, PA
July 24 Central Regions’ School of Instruction
July 25 Region 6 ABC Event
August 8 Unity Day at Knoebels Park-Elysburg
August 14 WGM/WGP Testimonial
August 15 Region 12B  ABC Event
August 28 Associate Grand Matron Honor Day
September 10 Region 1A  ABC Event
September 11 Grand Conductress Honor Day
September 18 Region 4  ABC Event
October 1 Region 15  ABC Event
October 2 Eastern Caring & Sharing-Alburtis
October 8 Region 8A & 8B  ABC Event
October 9 Associate Grand Conductress Testimonial
October 15 Region 3  ABC Event
October 16 Western Caring & Sharing Event-?
October 17 Western Golden Stars Luncheon
October 23 Diana N. Michael/William D. Johnston 5th Reunion
October 24 WGM’s Church Service, Region 8B
November 12 Region 13B  ABC Event
November 19 Region 9  ABC Event
November 20 Central Caring & Sharing Event-Elizabethtown
November 21 Eastern Golden Stars Luncheon
December 3 Region 10B  ABC Event
December 4 WGM Christmas Club Luncheon
December 5 Region 13A  ABC Event
December 11 Region 10A  ABC Event
December 12 Cheryl D. Wilson/Bradley A. Lewis 10th Reunion
January 8 Associate Grand Conductress Club Luncheon
January 16 Region 7A  ABC Event
January 22 Associate Grand Patron Honor Day
January 28 Region 5B  ABC Event
January 29 Western Masonic Village Festival-Sewickley
February 5 Associate Grand Conductress Honor Day
February 11 Region 14A/B  ABC Event
February 12 Central Masonic Village Festival-Elizabethtown
February 13 Region 12A  ABC Event
February 19 Grand Conductress Club Luncheon
February 20 Region 2 ABC Event
February 25 Region 1B  ABC Event
February 27 Region 5A  ABC Event
March 5 Eastern Masonic Village Festival-Warminster
March 19 Associate Grand Matron Club Luncheon
March 25-27 Leadership Weekend
April 2 Ann K. Berger/Pearley L. Cunningham 25th Reunion
April 9 Worthy Grand Patron Homecoming
April 22 Region 11A/B/C  ABC Event
April 24 Central Golden Stars Luncheon
May 7 Worthy Grand Matron Homecoming