JUNE 2019

Grand Chapter of Pennsylvania 125th Session

Fri. June 21
9 AM Board of Directors
2:00PM-6:30PM Grand Officers Rehearsal
2018-2019 Grand Officers

Sat. June 22  Rehearsals

Sun. June 23 Divine Service
Grand Banquet

Mon. June 24 Session
Ritualistic Opening and Reports Informal Opening – Introductions

Tues. June 25 Session – Election Reports

Wed. June 26 Session Closing
Installation of 2019-2020 Grand Officers

JUNE 2020

Sat. 6       Grand Officer Rehearsal

Sun. 21       Happy Father’s Day

126th Session Grand Chapter of

Thurs.27       9:00 Board of Directors
Grand Officer Rehearsals

Fri. 26       Rehearsals
Fri. 26       Friday Night Entertainment
Sat. 27       Session—Opening & Reports
       Session—Formal Introductions

Sun. 28       Divine Service & Necrology
       Golden Star Recognition
       Grand Banquet

Mon. 29       Session – Election & Reports

Tues. 30       Session—Reports—Closing
       Installation  of Grand Officers