PA GGC Officers/Committee Chairs and Appts

Those Pennsylvania Members Supporting
Brother Robert C Penoyer and Sister Helen Westmoreland
in 2015-2018

In addition to the many PA OES Members who are supporting Brother Bob for this Triennium, the following have been selected for special appointments to the General Grand Chapter.

Judy Rutter


Judy A. Rutter
Worthy Grand Ruth


Rhonda Johnson


Rhonda M. Johnson
Ambassador to Peru



Beverly Small

I have the honor and privilege to work with the other four members of this committee to plan, prepare and provide a meaningful Memorial Service at the 49th Triennial Session in Orlando in 2018. What a JOY to serve with our Chairman from Texas and the others from Massachusetts, Michigan and Washington Jurisdictions.

CHeryl Wiilson

Cheryl D. Wilson
Chm., Public Relations

This committee is to take cognizance of matters arising from the growth and spread of the Order, to develop an effective public relations program that there may be increased understanding and appreciation of the purposes and projects of the Order, and report the same to the General Grand Chapter. I look forward to working with a committee of dedicated Sisters and Brothers.

Carla Thompson


Carla K. Thompson


Jo-Anne Karnes


Jo-Anne G. Karnes
Service Dogs




Melody K. Sorge
Triennial Assembly Chairman, PA




Helen Beth G. Vilcek
Triennial Assembly, Co-Chairman,PA




Jo-Ann E. Lauderman
Triennial Assembly Chairman, Finance, PA


Shirley Capo


Shirley B. Capo
Triennial Assembly Chairman, PA Decorating




Joyce E. Ferguson
Triennial Assembly Co-Chairman, Triennial Housing, PA



Anna H. Miller
Triennial Assembly Co-Chairman, Social Events




Mary Ann B. Naugle
Triennial Assembly Chairman, Vendors, PA




Ann K. Berger
Triennial Assembly Unfinished Business


Brad Lewis

Bradley A. Lewis
Chairman, Community Service

The aim and focus of the Community Service Committee for the General Grand Chapter, OES will be to follow the KISS method. KISS – Keep It Super Simple – KIDS / INTERNET / SCHOLARSHIPS / SUBMIT
To support the efforts to focus on our “YOUTH” as directed by the Most Worth Grand Matron. KIDS – Be of SERVICE at Schools, churches, playgrounds, vacation bible schools, camps, and etc….INTERNET – Advertise and share our SERVICE on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Pinterest, Instagram, Google, and etc….SCHOLARSHIPS – Establish annual funding for financial SERVICE at Charter school, trade school, church camp, athletic camp, college, and etc…SUBMIT – Report accounts of SERVICE in the OES Journal, Newspaper, Weekly Saver Ads, Radio, Blogs, and etc…



Harry W. Fisher


Bruce Hofius


M. Bruce Hofius



John J. Kibler
Regenerative Medicine
Regenerative Medicine works to replace or restore function to damaged or diseased tissues and organs and to provide treatment for some of the diseases and injuries currently classified as untreatable. It does this with our body’s own cells!  (read more)

D. Ronald Kerns
Chairman, Shriner’s Charities


Kenneth V. Pineda
Support for First Responders

First responders are Fireman, Policemen, Hazmat and EMT’s. See me to purchase a commemorative coin for $10.00. The profits from the sale of the coins will be given to first responders determined by the greatest need. Let’s stand together and show our OES support in our community.



Mariel Penoyer
Personal Secretary to MWGP



PA Hummingbirds: PA Eagles
Barbara Adams, PGM Robert E. Holderbaum, Jr., PP
Arlene Flohr, PGM Sallie Prihode, PM
Janet Jo Dodson, PM Edward C. Seiter, PGP
Dolores Fisher, PM Karen J. Snyder, PM