Recent Changes/Updates

This page is to assist users in locating recent changes.
We will TRY to keep this page updated whenever changes are made.
Especially with the Itinerary and Grand Chapter Session.

Only recent updates will be kept. This is to assist with keeping the viewer up to date with PA OES.

  • Rainbow Honor Day for WGM/WGP May 30 (2/20/2020)
  • May Mt. Union Chapter 100th – Cost of meal Added (2/17/2020)
  • Information about August 2020 Wyoming Trip (2/15/2020)
  • Session Packets UPDATED (error in Trifold) (2/10/2020)
  • Itinerary Update (2/8/2020) March 13th
  • Itinerary Changes (2/7/2020)
    Remove Rainbow Capping, 2/22 and Capital City, 3/18
    Add Harrisburg Chapter 552 on 4/2/2020
  • Time change for Chapter 552 meetings (2/6/2020)
  • Changed April 4 Itinerary Event (2/4/2020)
  • Removed Call-Em-All page & links as they are outdated (1/30/2020) Contact Grand Chapter for info
  • Winter Edition of Newspaper Uploaded (1/29/2020)
  • The 2020 Grand Chapter Session information is now available for download.  See link above. (updated 1/23/2020)
  • Important Dates for Watson/Miller’s year are available and
    will be updated. (updated 1/24/2020)