Itinerary Entry

New this year is the ability to submit itinerary information for the coming year through the web site. The link at the bottome of this page provides the FORM for entering your event information.

The AGM will provide the password for opening the file. Be careful entering the data because once submitted, it can only be changed by fully resubmitting the information a second time.

BEFORE attempting to complete the form, PLEASE READ the information below regarding PDF files and web browsers.  Many browsers will not permit entering data into the form and submitting online. (They do not open the form with Adobe).  The material below is intended to make the submission as smooth as possible. IF your machine will open Adobe, you can complete the form directly online. But if you do not receive a confirmation email in return, then the form was NOT submitted!! 


  • “Right-click” on the link below for the form.
    • Choose the option to either “SAVE LOCALLY” or “SAVE TARGET AS”
      • This will save the form on your local machine.
      • (Remember where it is saved)
  • Be Sure that your email program is opened in the background.
  • Close the browser and navigate to the saved form using file explorer.
    • Right click on the file just saved and select “OPEN WITH” then select “ADOBE ACROBAT”.
      • If Adobe Acrobat is not installed on your system, you will have to search it on the internet and install it. It is FREE.
    • Complete the form, then PRINT it for your records,
    • Click submit using the “Submit Button”
    • Once sent, within 24 hours you should receive a confirmation email that the form was received. If not, contact the webmaster at

Click Here for:  Itinerary Entry Form

Be sure to complete the form then PRINT it so that all of the information is available if you need to mail the form.