The Grand Chapter of Pennsylvania is happy to announce we have implemented the Call-Em-All program.  This program is an automated phone chain. A pre-recorded message in a familiar voice will be made to you and, if you answer, you will hear a message that could be up to 2 minutes long. Messages can be sent from Grand Chapter or from your local Chapter.

As a result of a motion at Grand Chapter, the cost for Call-Em is being covered by the Grand Chapter of Pennsylvania for the next several years.  We encourage the Chapters to use this system and also encourage YOU to sign up so you can be included and receive phone chain messages.

Now you can sign up for Call-Em-All online by submitting the form below. Or you can print the PDF form using the button below and mail the completed form to:

Grand Chapter of PA, 105 Freemason Drive, Elizabethtown, PA 17022

Do it today while you think about it!

Call-Em-All Form

Call-Em-All Form


Setting up a Call-Em-All account can be done entirely online, and creating an automated phone call for broadcast can be done in 3 simple steps:

Grand Chapter has done Step One for you to begin.