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2005 District Deputies

A group of people in white posing for a photo.

Seated, Front Row:  Jo-Ann E. Lauderman, WGM; Harry W. Fisher, WGP.
First Row:  Jean M. Beers(3); Leonan B. LaMar(10); Brenda L. Long(18);  Donna J. Powers(!5A);  Betty K. Bedford (27);  Priscilla F. Edwards (16B); Emily N. Meegan (8); Cora E. Rostad (1
Second Row:  Kathleen R. Dulcey (21);  Charlotte R. Doan (25B);  Jeanette F. Altrichter (24);  Terri L. Taylor (17);  Jacque D. Foust (1); Paula K. Kauffman (9A);  Donna M. O’Neal (9B);  Mary L. Smith (4A)
Third Row:  Dandida L. Hosband (25A);  Diane L. Fofius (2);  Lana Kay Buehner (26A);  Sue A. Duke (16D);  Virginia L. Weinberg (7);  Mary Anne Smith (6); E. Mardele Sinclair (5);Judy A. Kuhn (13);  Esther R. Berkey (4B)
Fourth Row:  Carolyn R. Leola (19);  Beth A. Lewis (12);  Lee Ann Larson (14);  Carol A. Keen (15B); Mildred J. Somers (23)  Mary Lou Streiner (26B); Ruth Ann Gutenkunst (22);  Donna R. Stull (11);  Karen L. Blum (26C)