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2013 Deputy Grand Matrons

A group of people in white posing for a picture.

Row 1: Deanna Reiter, Sharon McMasters,  Gee Gee, Ed, Evelyn Gerchman, Jill Miller
Row 2: Vicki Geigus, Sandy Young, Debbie Kabak, Jean Rison, Jane Swartz, Connie Bookwalter, Belinda Miller
Row 3: Bonnie Richardson, Deb Johnson, Janice DeMaria, Jennifer Moyer-Damiani, Janet List, Mary Bowser, Jennifer Kauffman, Katie Burkett
Row 4: Roxy Maugans, Violet Welk, Linda Bieber, Toni Younkin, Terri Taylor, Vicky Michaels, Rebecca Foreaker

Region Deputy Chapter No.
1A Jean L. Rison 324
1B Janice DeMaria 156
2 Sandy Young 320
3A Vicki Michaels 164
3B Jill Miller 404
4B Toni Younkin 205
4C Katie Burkett 316
5A Janet List 400
5B Sharon McMasters 229
6 Deanna Reiter 15
7A Jennifer Kauffman 288
7B Mary E Bowser 41
8A Debra Johnson 375
8B Vicki Geigus 146
9 Jane Swartz 228
10A Violet L. Welk 422
10B Roxlyn Maugans 169
11A Terri Taylor 70
11B Evelyn Gerchman 258
11C Doris Brooks 67
12A Connie Bookwalter 1
12B Linda Bieber 298
13A Jennifer Moyer-Damiani 444
13B Rebecca Foreaker 203
14A Debbie Kabak 338
14B Bonnie Richardson 312
15 Belinda Miller 249