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1965 Grand Officers

A group of people in formal attire posing for a photo.

First Row:  Edythe T. Matter, Gr. Treas;  Anna K. Schofield, Gr. Sec;  Frank Goodwin, WGP;  Emilie K. Keener, WGM;  Evelyn D. Moody, AGM;  R. James Ray, AGP;  Dorotha S. Robison,Gr. Cond;  A. Jean Gamble, AGC.
Second Row:  Evelyn Goodwin, Gr. Chaplain;  Horry N. Brock, Gr. Sentinel; Sara C. Dunkelberger, Gr. Organist
Third Row:  Katherine G. Landis, Gr. Warder;  Sylvia M. Bonitz, Gr. Adah;  Laura C. Houdeshel, Gr. Marshal
Fourth Row:  Lois H. Summers, Gr. Martha;  Emma Gene Elrick, Gr. Esther;  Arlene W. Baker, Gr.Ruth;  Beatrice L. Grenoble, Gr. Electa

Officer Chapter Office
Emilie K. Keener 146 Worthy Grand Matron
Frank Goodwin 440 Worthy Grand Patron
Evelyn D. Moody 39 Associate Grand Matron
R. James Kay 527 Associate Grand Patron
Anna K. Schofield 295 Grand Secretary
Edythe T, Matter 82 Grand Treasurer
Dorotha S. Robison 22 Grand Conductress
A. Jean Gamble 493 Associate Grand Conductress
Marie M. Lemmon 57 Chairman, (1 year) Grand Trustee
Marie B. Gamble 4 (2 years) Grand Trustee
Donald E. Williams, P.G.P. 488 (3 years) Grand Trustee
Evelyn Goodwin 440 Grand Chaplain
Laura C. Houdeshel 146 Grand Marshal
Sara C. Dunkelberger 449 Grand Organist
Sylvia M. Bonitz 146 Grand Adah
Arlene W. Baker 479 Grand Ruth
Emma Gene Elrick 539 Grand Esther
Lois H. Summers 290 Grand Martha
Beatrice L. Grenoble 459 Grand Electa
Katherine G. Landis 402 Grand Warder
Horry N. Brock 113 Grand Sentinel