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1974 Grand Officers

A group of people in white posing for a photo.

Front Row:  Edythe T. Matter. Gr. Treas.;  Mildred G. Helwig, Gr. Sec.;  Joseph Williams, AGP;  Nancy J. Acker, AGM;  Agnes L. Eunson, WGM;  Vincent P Grubbe, WGP’ Joyce M. Cooper, Gr. Cond.
Second Row:  Mary Ann Hetrick, Gr. Organist;  Shirley J. Markle, Gr. Adah;  Janice MacPhail, Gr. Ruth;  A. Maxine Vance, Gr. Electa;  Jean D. Stevens, Gr. Marshal;  Leroy H. Swan, Jr., Gr. Sentinel;  Milda V. Grubbe, Gr. Esther;  G. Evelyn Barley, Gr. Martha;  Elizabeth Remaley, Gr. Warder;  Dorothy H. Snyder, Gr. Chaplain

Officer Chapter Office
Agnes L. Eunson 371 Worthy Grand Matron
Vincent P. Grubbe 101 Worthy Grand Patron
Nancy J. Acker 114 Associate Grand Matron
Joseph Williams 247 Associate Grand Patron
Mildred G. Helwig 467 Grand Secretary
Edythe T. Matter 82 Grand Treasurer
Joyce M. Cooper 249 Grand Conductress
Helen M. Tate 538 Associate Grand Conductress
Phyllis R. McIntire 355 Grand Trustee
George D. W. Koenig, P.G.P. 466 Grand Trustee
Evelyn D. Moody P.G.M. 103 Grand Trustee
Dorothy H. Snyder 403 Grand Chaplain
Jean T. Stevens 489 Grand Marshal
Mary Ann-Hetrick 320 Grand Organist
Shirley H. Markle 267 Grand Adah
Janice MacPhail 93 Grand Ruth
Milda V. Grubbe 101 Grand Esther
G. Evelyn Barley 496 Grand Martha
A. Maxine Vance 531 Grand Electa
Elizabeth Remaley 371 Grand Warder
LeRoy Swan, Jr. 395 Grand Sentinel