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1983 Grand Officers

Name Chapter/Region Title
Betty L. MacAdam 235 Worthy Grand Matron
Justin H. Walch 2 Worthy Grand Patron
Elizabeth Hammell 146 Associate Grand Matron
C. William Gensel 539 Associate Grand Patron
Lillian S. Tegethoff 410 Grand Secretary
Evelyn B. Stevens 375 Grand Treasurer
Edith M. Lowans 519 Grand Conductress
Evelyn Kostenbauder 366 Assoc. Grand Conductress
Margaret M. Finley, PGM 155 Grand Trustee (1) year
Nancy J. Acker, PGM 114 Grand Trustee (2) years
Dorothy B. Blaney 437 Grand Trustee (3) years
Betty A. Miller 202 Grand Chaplain
Myrtle E. Ruger 235 Grand Marshal
Bertha T. Ranck 249 Grand Organist
Saralee B. Tollinger 446 Grand Adah
Mary V. Edwards 306 Grand Ruth
E. Linnea Strutz 271 Grand Esther
Margaret E. Berger 449 Grand Martha
Dorothy B. Fairer 339 Grand Electa
Lucille S. Lawall 145 Grand Warder
Ray E. Sands 508 Grand Sentinel