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1993 Grand Officers

A group of people in white posing for a photo.

Front Row:  Ann K. Berger, AGC;  Mary A. Haas, Gr. Cond.;  Joyce E Ferguson, WGM;   William E. Barkley, WGP;  Andrea T. Love, AGM; John E. Miksch, AGP

Second Row:  E. Darlene Andrews, Gr. Chaplain;  Barbara A. Sweet, Gr. Marshal;  Patricia M. Jackson, Gr. Sec.;  Jean D. Fey, Gr. Treasurer;  Dorothy M. Bly, Gr. Warder;  Pearley L. Cunningham, Gr. Sentinel

Third Row:  Shirley A. Engel, Gr. Organist;  Betty Jane Shadle,  Gr. Adah;  Jacqueline G. Evans, Gr. Ruth; Nancy A. Marquette, Gr. Esther;  Bernice S. Romberger, Gr. Martha;  Dorothy J. Brenick, Gr. Electa

Officer Chapter Office
Joyce E. Ferguson 525 Worthy Grand Matron
William E. Barkley 97 Worthy Grand Patron
Andrea T. Love 443 Associate Grand Matron
John E. Miksch 330 Associate Grand Patron
Patricia M. Jackson 96 Grand Secretary
Jean D. Fey 491 Grand Treasurer
Mary A. Haas 404 Grand Conductress
Ann K. Berger 275 Associate Grand Conductress
Lana L. Karl 509 Grand Trustee
Vivian C. Gongaware 400 Grand Trustee
Carl L. Raudabaugh 146 Grand Trustee
E. Darlene Andrews 316 Grand Chaplain
Barbara A. Sweet 453 Grand Marshal
Shirley A. Engel 97 Grand Organist
Betty Jane Shadle 103 Grand Adah
Jacqueline G. Evans 453 Grand Ruth
Nancy A. Marquette 449 Grand Esther
Bernice S. Romberger 544 Grand Martha
Dorothy J. Brenick 525 Grand Electa
Dorothy M. Bly 354 Grand Warder
Pearley L. Cunningham 491 Grand Sentinel