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1997 Grand Officers

A black and white photo of a group of people posing for a picture.
Officers Chapter Office
Barbara R. Carson 439 Worthy Grand Matron
Joseph McKillen 221 Worthy Grand Patron
Judy A. Rutter 169 Associate Grand Matron
Donald J. Tobias 427 Associate Grand Patron
DeLores M. Hartland 400 Grand Secretary
Lillian N. Schad 45 Grand Treasurer
Jean D. Fey 491 Grand Conductress
Arlene S. Flohr 342 Associate Grand Conductress
Roberta J. Samson 545 (I year) Grand Trustee
Betty L. MacAdam, PGM 235 (2 Year) Grand Trustee
Lana L. Karl 509 (3 Year) Grand Trustee
Amelia Hutchinson 283 Grand Chaplain
Elizabeth D. Smail 439 Grand Marshal
James K. Thompson 435 Grand Organist
Mary Ellen Tobias 427 Grand Adah
Barbara A. Brubach 510 Grand Ruth
Janet Jo Dodson 501 Grand Esther
Barbara J. Heard 359 Grand Martha
Elaine H. Pompa 86 Grand Electa
Roberta C. Steinhoff 22 Grand Warder
Kenneth J. Faub 82 Grand Sentinel
Sella Jane Shaffer 124 Personal Secretary to the W.G.M.