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1998 Grand Officers

A group of people in white posing for a photo.

First Row, left to right: Carla K. Thompson, AGC;  Arlene S. Flohr, Gr. Cond.; Judy A. Rutter, WGM; Donald J. Tobias, WGP; Jean D. Fey, AGM;  H. Lin Jones, AGP.

Second Row, left to right: Barbara M. Thompson, Gr. Chaplain; Carol A. Condran, Gr. Marshal; Marilyn E. Magee, Gr. Organist; DeLores M. Hartland, Gr. Sec.; Lillian N. Schad, Gr. Treasurer; Sandy L. Boyer, Gr. Martha; Kathleen T. Fink, Gr. Electa; Joan M. Ressel, Gr. Warder; Robert C. Penoyer, Gr. Sentinel

Third Row: Doris J. Tyson, Gr. Adah; Alice A. Freet, Gr. Ruth; Elaine A. Feuchtenberger, Gr. Esther.

Officer Office
Judy A. Rutter Worthy Grand Matron
Donald J. Tobias Worthy Grand Patron
Jean D.Fey Associate Grand Matron
H. Lin Jones Associate Grand Patron
Delores M.Hartland Grand Secretary
Lillian N. Schad Grand Treasurer
Arlene S. Flohr Grand Conductress
Carla K. Thompson Associate Grand Conductress
Betty L. MacAdam, PGM Grand Trustee (1 year)
Lana L. Karl Grand Trustee (2 years)
Roberta J. Samson Grand Trustee (3 years)
Barbara M. Thompson Grand Chaplain
Carol A. Condran Grand Marshal
Marilyn E. Magee Grand Organist
Doris J. Tyson Grand Adah
Alice A. Freet Grand Ruth
Elaine A. Feuchtenberger Grand Esther
Sandra L. Boyer Grand Martha
Kathleen T. Fink Grand Electa.
Joan M. Ressel Grand Warder
Robert C. Penoyer Grand Sentinel
Catherine A. Farcht Personal Secretary to the WGM