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2006 Grand Officers

A group of people in white posing for a picture.

Seated Left to Right:  Shirley B. Capo, Associate Grand Conductress; Mary Ann B. Naugle, Grand Condress;  Melody K. Sorge, Worthy Grand Matron;  Donald P. Line, Worthy Grand Patron;  Barbara M. Thompson, Associate Grand Matron;   Darrel W. Chamberlain, Associate Grand Patron

Second Row:  Mariel A. Penoyer, Grand. Electa;  Carole M. Baker, Grand Ruth;  Mary Ann Rhode, Grand  Secretary.; Harriet F. Senkinc, Grand Treasurer ; Beverly J. Swartz, Grand Chaplain; Mary Lou Teeter, Grand Warder

Third Row:  Geraldine  (Jeri) Patyk, Grand Adah;  Jean A. Rupp, Grand Organist; Joanne F. Park, Grand Martha; Joanne C. Reber, Grand Trustee;  Robert C. Penoyer, Past Grand Patron- Grand Trustee  Trustee; Evelyn Kostenbauder, Past Grand Patron- Grand Trustee;  Zelda G. Stewart, Grand  Esther;  Doris M. Wagner, Grand Marshal; Mahlon L. Ressel, Grand Sentinel

Officer Chapter Office
Melody K. Sorge 290 Worthy Grand Matron
Donald P. Line 375 Worthy Grand Patron
Barbara M. Thompson 517 Associate Grand Matron
Darrel W. Chamberlain 41 Associate Grand Patron
Mary Ann Rhode 449 Grand Secretary
Harriet F. Senkinc 97 Grand Treasurer
Mary Ann B. Naugle 228 Grand Conductress
Shirley  B. Capo 124 Associate Grand Conductress
Robert C. Penoyer, PGP 517 Grand Trustee (1 year)
Evelyn Kostenbauder, PGM 366 Grand Trustee (2 years)
Joanne C. Reber 551 Grand Trustee (3 years)
Beverly J. Swartz 65 Grand Chaplain
Doris M. Wagner 280 Grand Marshal
Jean A. Rupp 65 Grand Organist
Geraldine (Jeri) Patyk 232 Grand Adah
Carole M. Baker 290 Grand Ruth
Zelda G. Stewart 290 Grand Esther
Joanne F. Park 280 Grand Martha
Mariel (Mari) A. Penoyer 517 Grand Electa
Mary Lou Teeter 471 Grand Warder
Mahlon L. Ressel 407 Grand Sentinel
Marlene K. Ling 290 Personal Secretary to the WGM