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A group of people in white posing for a photo.

Grand Family photo:
Front Row (Seated):
Joyce E. Plonka, Grand Conductress
Linda M. Dimino, Assoc Gr Matron
Linda E. Watson, Worthy Gr Matron
Jeffrey R.  Miller, Worthy Gr Patron
J. David McKibben, Assoc Gr Patron
Marcia H. Holland, Assoc Gr Conductress

Second Row:
Linda L. Sipple, Gr Trustee
Andrea V. McCabe, Grand Marshal
Dale C. Goodyear, Grand Chaplain
Diane E. Hicks, Grand Ruth
Marlene F. Piccolin, Grand Martha
Virginia L. Plyler, Grand Secretry
Susan K. Fisher, Grand Treasurer

Back Row:
Grace M. McClester, Grand Organist
Janet M. Sattizahn, Grand Warder
Holly Jill Patterson, Grand Adah
Laurie E. Miller, Grand Esther
Gleny’s Edwards, Grand Electa
Jerry F. Longwell, Grand Sentinel
Lisa S. Weaver, Grand Trustee

Missing from photo:  Robert F. Trimble, Grand Trustee

Chapter Region
Worthy Grand Matron: Linda E. Watson
(Robert P)
509 8B
Worthy Grand Patron: Jeffrey R. Miller (Laurie) 375 8A
Grand Secretary: Virginia L. Gee Gee Plyler (Richard) 312 14B
Grand Treasurer: Susan K. Fisher 280 7A
Associate Grand Matron: Linda M. Dimino
12 11B
Associate Grand Patron: J. David McKibben (Karen) 375 8A
Grand Conductress: Joyce E. Plonka (Frank) 180 1B
Associate Grand Conductress: Marsha H. Holland (Joseph) 356 3
Grand Trustee: Robert C. Penoyer (appointed) (Mariel) 407 10B
Grand Trustee: Lisa S. Weaver
(Edward Glantz)
388 7A
Grand Trustee: Linda Sipple 1 12A
Grand Chaplain: Dale C. Goodyear (Daniel) 449 13A
Grand Marshal: Andrea V. McCabe (Brian) 312 14B
Grand Organist: Grace M. McClester (Keith) 164 3
Grand Adah: Holly Jill Patterson 247 4
Grand Ruth: Diane E. Hicks (Richard) 249 15
Grand Esther: Laurie E. Miller (Jeffrey) 375 8A
Grand Martha Marlene F. Piccolin (Lance) 180 1B
Grand Electa: Gleny’s J. Edwards (David) 67 11C
Grand Warder: Janet M. Sattizahn 424 13B
Grand Sentinel Jerry F. Longwell (Patricia) 277 5B