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2022-23 Grand Officers

A group of people in white tuxedos posing for a photo.

Grand Family Photo

Front Row (Seated):

Diane S. Runser, Grand Organist
M. Joyce Camlin, Associate Grand Conductress
Marcia H. Holland, Grand Conductress
Linda M. Dimino, Worthy Grand Matron
J. David McKibben, Worthy Grand Patron
Joyce E. Plonka, Associate Grand Matron
Robert F. Trimble, Associate Grand Patron

Second Row:

Karen A. McKibben, Grand Ruth
Cincy L. Buckingham, Grand Electa
Deborah A. Schiesser, Grand Warder
Debora L. Whitfield, Grand Esther
Melody L. Snyder, Grand Adah
Virginia L. Plyler, PGM, Grand Secretary
Susan K. Fisher, Grand Treaurer

Back Row:

Richard D. Britten, Sr., Grand Sentinel
Sandra L. Spickler, Grand Martha
Susan L. Gotta, Grand Chaplain
Angela D. DiPetta, Grand Marshal
Lisa S. Weaver, Grand Trustee
Vicky J. Botjer, Grand Trustee
Missing:  Donald C. Graver, PGP, Grand Trustee

Chapter Region
Worthy Grand Matron: Linda M. Dimino
12 11B
Worthy Grand Patron: J. David McKibben (Karen) 375 8A
Grand Secretary: Virginia L. Gee Gee Plyler (Richard) 312 14B
Grand Treasurer: Susan K. Fisher 280 7A
Associate Grand Matron:  Joyce E. Plonka 180 1B
Associate Grand Patron: Robert F. Trimble (Lisa) 463 15
Grand Conductress: Marcia H. Holland (Joseph) 356 3
Associate Grand Conductress: M. Joyce Camlin (George) 404 3
Grand Trustee: Lisa Weaver 388 7A
Grand Trustee: Vicky J. Botjer 198 11C
Grand Trustee: Donald C. Graver 446 10A
Grand Chaplain: Susan L. Gotta 374 14B
Grand Marshal: Angela D. DiPetta 33 6
Grand Organist: Dianne S. Runser 400 5A
Grand Adah: Melody L. Snyder 439 3
Grand Ruth: Karen A. McKibben 375 8A
Grand Esther:  Debora L. Whitfield 356 3
Grand Martha Sandra L. Spickler 374 14B
Grand Electa: Cindy Buckingham 148 6
Grand Warder: Deborah Schiesser 327 14B
Grand Sentinel Richard D. Britten, Sr. 153 1A