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1971 Worthy Grand Matron

Mary S. Johns

477 Chapters
Membership – 112,432

Largest Chapter – York #169 – 650 Members
Most Initiations – Grove City #86 – 25 Members

The Homes Planning – Eastern Home: Three Alternate Plans Were Submitted –

1. Abandon The Site In Philly And Build On The New Site In Warminster, A One Story Building, Estimated Cost Of $1,247,000.

2. Demolish All Existing Buildings On Present Site In Philly At Estimated Cost Of $1,247,000.

3. Use Part Of Existing Buildings And Build An Addition, Demolishing The Old House On Completion, Estimated Cost Of $1,015,000.
The Grand Trustees Were Empowered To Purchase The Property In Warminster, As A Suitable Site For The New Home.

A Resolution Was Proposed And Adopted That An Assessment Be Made On Each Chapter At The Rate Of $5.00 Per Member.

During The Grand Chapter Session, Many Areas In Pa Were Flooded. An Emergency

Flood Relief Was Set Up To Work With The Welfare Committee.

1971 Worthy Grand Patron

John R. Seltzer