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1972 Worthy Grand Matron

Barbara E. Adams

O – In Purpose
N – in Service
E – in Love
SCRIPTURE: Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets. Mathew 7:12

The FIDELITY of Adah
The LOYALTY of Esther
The FAITH of Martha
The LOVE of Electa

The Ground Breaking Ceremony of our Eastern Star Home at Warminster was held during my year on Sunday, October 22, 1972. This was an exciting day for all the members in Pennsylvania as our “Possible Dream” was realized. Throughout my year I carried with me a facsimile of the Home, illustrating the number of Chapters who had completed their assessment. We had 476 Chapters and by the end of the term, 465 Chapters paid 100% of their assessment, and the remaining 11 Chapters all paid a portion of their assessment.

Our Welfare Committee was very busy during this year for they helped so many of our members who suffered losses due to the “Agnes Flood.” Any Chapter meetings that were postponed due to the flood were given permission to be rescheduled without the need of a special dispensation.

During the 1972-73 term, we started the practice of visiting all Veteran Hospitals in our State; the Worthy Grand Matrons after this term continued this worthwhile procedure.

Also, a Trophy was presented for Share Our Substance. This Trophy was to be given each year to the District that had the most stamps for this worthy project. The Trophy continued to be past to this day.

For all the Openings of each Session, the Past Grand Matron that called the meeting to order had her Worthy Grand Patron that served with her by her side. This was a first.

1972 Worthy Grand Patron

Warren E. Berger