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1995 Worthy Grand Matron

Mary A. Haas

Motto: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

Aim: “To serve our Lord and all Mankind with Charity, Truth and Loving Kindness.”

Goal: “Making a Difference and Changing the Future”

Chapters: 315 *** Membership: 59,787

During the year, our members sold and purchased the General Grand Chapter project pins; Teddy Bear for the Cancer Committee and Cherub for the Heart Committee. Monies were also raised to support our Eastern Star Homes, our Fraternal Committee and our Educational Scholarship and ESTARL Committees in Pennsylvania.

At our 40 Formal District Meetings, it was the desire of the Worthy Grand Matron to educate our members in the work of our Order. At every District Meeting, under Good of the Order, a recess was called, and the Grand Officers demonstrated one of the following: Memorial Service, Balloting, Prayer Circle or the Worthy Grand Patron and the Grand Conductress, beautifully demonstrated their Ritualistic work, while the Grand Conductress attended at the Signet. This was a new venture in the Grand Chapter of Pennsylvania and it ·was received very well by our members.

“The New Jerusalem Session” was held at the David Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh, PA, with a total registration of 1,919.

It was an honor to serve the Grand Chapter of Pennsylvania; we shall always be grateful for the Peace, Joy and Love, shared with our many members.

Mary A. Haas, WGM
Peter Brusamonti, WGP

1995 Worthy Grand Patron

Peter Brusamonti