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2004 Worthy Grand Matron

Rhonda M. Johnson


(Picture taken at “Royal Jubilee”) From Left to Right: Loyal Stark, Most Worthy Grand Patron, GGC; Clyde C. Stine, Worthy Grand Patron; Pat Rasmusson, Most Worthy Grand Matron, GGC; Jean D. Fey, Worthy Grand Ruth, GGC; Janet S. Harvey, General Grand Chapter Committee Member, Visioneer; Judy A. Rutter, General Grand Chapter Appointment, Ambassador to Hawaii; Peter Brusamonti, General Grand Chapter Committee Member, Eastern Star Journal.


(Picture taken on December 11, 2004 – Past Grand Officers did Initiation) Seated Left to Right: Louella C. Coons, ; Carla K. Thompson ; Evelyn Kostenbauder, ; Rhonda M. Johnson, WGM; Clyde C. Stine, WGP; Ann K. Berger; Betty L. MacAdam; Shirley J. Markle, Second Row: L. Wayne Miller, ; Elizabeth Hammell; Jo-Anne G. Karnes; Andrea T. Love; Judy A. Rutter, Beverly J. Small; Barbara E. Adams; Jean D. Fey; Carol J. Stine, Grand Marshal; Arlene S. Flohr; Peter Brusamonti

2004 Worthy Grand Patron

Clyde C. Stine