2005 Special Committees


The purpose of this committee is to gather and compile information to be shared quarterly to all of our members.  This communication is a way for us to keep all OES members informed of all the wonderful things our Order is doing.  The articles and pictures let everyone see for themselves all the fun and fellowship we have as we share many precious hours with out Sisters and Brothers.
Chairman – Mrs. Mary L. Andrews (508) (16D)
Co-Chairman – Mrs. Kathleen M. Shaffer (479) (14)

This committee is selling a little lamb pin, and the profits will go to our outreach project of Pennsylvania.  The committee members will be educating our membership about Multiple Sclerosis and the many people it affects every day.
Chairman- Mrs. Arlene L. Jacoby (214) (24)
Eastern Chairman – Mrs. Iris Z. Goodman (192) (15A)
Central Chairman- Mrs. Elaine A. Feuchtenberger (375) (14)
Western Chairman- Mrs. Julie V. Miller (545) (15B)

The duty of this committee is to educate our members about cancer, as well as encourage them to participate in programs for checkups and self-examinations; to motivate our members; to be active in their communities; and volunteer for the American Cancer Society.  He or she  will organize and participate in the Cancer Walks, Relay for Life and other local or state events.  Committee members are asked to be active in the Daffodil Days in March and promote HOPE to all our members and their families who are afflicted with Cancer.
Chairman – Mrs. Dolores D. Shafer (252) (24)
Co-Chairman- Mrs. Judy A. Yorty (502) (15B)

This committee supports our Fraternal Fund and aids in assisting our precious members in need.  Three Sectional Bazaars and Luncheons are held throughout the state, and committee members are encouraged to promote the events and urge all members to attend.  The schedule is as follows: Eastern – September 10, 2005, Western -October 8, 2005 and Central-November 19, 2005.
All Chapters and Districts are asked to take an active part in these events.  The Districts and Chapters are encouraged to have individual projects to help our Sisters and Brothers who are less fortunate than us.
General Chairman – Mrs. Helen M. Cropper (551)(16B)
Eastern Chairman – Mrs. Holly J. Higgins (390) (15B)
Central Chairman- Mrs. Bonnie K. Chamberlain (41) (9B)
Western Chairman – Mrs. Nancy A. Fox (135) (6)

The duty of this committee is to sell subscriptions to our members and Chapters.  In Pennsylvania we can be proud to have been very supportive for many years of the General Grand Chapter OES Journal.
Chairman- Mrs. Dorothy P. Brusamonti (76) (17)
Eastern Chairman – Mrs. Suzann Fahringer (167) (24)
Central Chairman – Mrs. Bernice S. Romberger (544) (14)
Western Chairman- Mrrs. Dolores M. Hartland (400) (7)

This committee encourages the collection of aluminum cans, tabs and other aluminum.  The profits will be turned over to the Educational Scholarship & ESTARL Fund.  These funds help to make it possible to give many Scholarships to very deserving individuals.
General Chairman – Dennis R. Sage ( 508) (16D)
Eastern Chairman- LeRoy E. Bechtel (460) (15B)
Central Chairman – Michael T. Holland (470) (14)
Western Chairman- Gerald A. Davison (404) (6)

This committee is a special request of our Most Worthy Grand Matron.  The duty of this committee is to promote and increase the interaction of our Fraternal Organizations throughout the year.  A Fraternal Relations Day was held on August 9, 2005 in Bethlehem, PA when many members of our Fraternal groups came out and enjoyed the day together.
Chairman-Darrel W. Chamberlain (41) (9B)
Co-Chairman- George W. Prosser, Jr. (99) (24)

This committee acquires the names of our 50 year members from the Chapter Secretaries and holds a special event in each District to honor them.  It is also their duty to help make arrangements for those 50 year members who wish to attend the Golden Stars Luncheon held at Grand Chapter in York in June 2006.
Chairman – Marie A. Whitebread (228) (22)
Co-Chairman – Lillian E. Wolfe (190) (22)

The duties of this committee are many but very rewarding.  Visiting our members who are residents at the Masonic Villages is encouraged.  The Districts are encouraged to make plans to have bingo parties, Christmas parties, Easter parties or send cards to our Sisters and Brothers in the Villages.  There will be three Home Festivals again with a special visit to our new facility, Lafayette Hills.  The dates are as follows:
Eastern – Lafayette Visit – January 28, 2006
Central Home Festival – February 18, 2006
Western Home Festival – March 4, 2006
Eastern Home Festival (Warminster)- April 8, 2006

It is the responsibility of the Committee Appointments to encourage the Chapters to participate in the Festivals by their attendance and also encourage the Chapters and Districts to have a special project.
Chairman- Mrs. Gail E. Remo (185) (24)
Eastern Chairman- Mrs. Sandra A. Hawkey (163) (24)
Central Chairman – Mrs. Joanne M. Eby (446) (16C)
Western Chairman- Mrs. Ruth B. Brosky (545) (6)

This is the Worthy Grand Matron’s Special Project for the year.  This committee is very near and dear to her heart.  The March of Dimes helped her parents when she was a little girt and had Polio and she states she is not sure what they would have done financially if this organization were not there to help.  A few years ago our Worthy Grand Matron lost a granddaughter due to the birth defects she had.  She wants to support this wonderful cause, so that we can help in the research to help these children and their families.  No  mothers or fathers or their family should have to go through the heartbreak of losing a child.
The duties of this committee include promoting and participating in the March of Dimes Walk, collecting Dimes at each Chapter Meeting and selling name badges to raise proceeds for the March of Dimes.  Additional profits will also go to the March of Dimes from a Special Luncheon planned for April 1, 2006.
General Chairman -Mrs. Cathy L. Kieczkajlo (58) (21)
Eastern Chairman – Mrs. JoAnn M. Sutter (252) (24)
Central Chairman – Mrs. Susan E. Hulshizer (499) (16C)
Western Chairman – Mrs. Sharon K. Wise (383) (8)

The duty of this committee is to encourage our members to provide our Sisters and Brothers with transportation to and from all our meetings and social events and to remind our members to Do Unto Others As We Would Have Them Do Unto US!  Never criticize or treat each other unkindly.  Finally, he or she will encourage each of our Sisters and Brothers to bring a new member into our Order.
Chairman – Mrs. M. Patricia McCaulley (64) (25A)
Co-Chairman – Mrs. Daisy M. Slentz (428) (27)

This committee promotes the sale of many items selected by the Worthy Grand Matron and Worthy Grand Patron.  The proceeds from the sale of the souvenirs go to defray the cost of the 112th Session in York 2006)
Chairman – Carol A. Royer (235) (24)
Eastern Chairman – Mrs. Diana A. Brown (8)(19)
Central Chairman – Mrs. Barbara A. Moose (517) (16D)
Western Chairman – Mrs. Ruth A. Mason (164) (5)

This committee will be collecting crayons and coloring books to be donated to the two Shriners Hospitals in Pennsylvania.  As the children arrive at the hospitals, they are given welcome gifts in an effort to put smiles on their faces and  with the hope of taking their fears and tears away.
General Chairman – William A. Moisey (439) (26C)
Erie Hospital – William J. Sopp (359) (1)
Philadelphia Hospital – Wayne Arnow (374) (25B)
Eastern Chairman — Mrs. Virginia L. Plyler (312) (25B)
Central Chairman – Mrs. Nancy L. Line (375) (14)
Western Chairman -Mrs. Marilyn R. Oldfield (179) (4B)

The duty of this committee is to continue to cut and save stamps.  The proceeds from the redemption of canceled stamps will be used to assist the Fraternal Fund which  help many of our Sisters and Brothers in need.  Members should be encouraged to purchase and use commemorative stamps.
General Chairman – Mrs. Margene J. Heckman (390) (15B)
Eastern Chairman – Mrs. Marjorie E. Parks (214) (24)
Central Chairman – Mrs. Debra J. Johnson (375) (14)
Western Chairman – Mrs. Nancy E. Durst (324) (1)

The duty of this committee is to reach out and touch the members of their Chapters and Districts by making phone calls and sending cards to make them feel loved and missed.  He or she will be the Sister or Brother greeting others as they enter our Chapter rooms with a warm hug and friendly smile.
Chairman – Mrs. Janet B. Prosser (99) (24)
Co-Chairman – Miss Patricia A. Marks (512) (15A)

The duty of this committee is to encourage our Chapters and Districts to reach out and help our Veterans by visiting them, sending thinking of you cards and providing them with things they may need in terms of supplies.  Each facility has different needs and our Chairman will supply our representatives with this information.  We will also be selling a little bear and all profit will go to the Veterans Facilities.
Chairman – Robert T. Faulds (202) (24)
Co- Chairman – B. Paul Harris (166) (7)
Butler VA Hospital-
Representative – Mrs. Sandra J. Ryser
Deputy – Mrs. Joanne E. Carr (45) (4B)
Coatesville VA Hospital-
Representative – Mrs. Mabel J. Raulston (156) (16B)
Deputy – Phyllis J. Tester (463) (16B)
Delaware Valley VA Hospital-
Representative – John C. Williams (335) (16B)
Deputy – Mrs. Patricia A. Salamatin (428) (27)
Erie Soldiers and Sailors Home –
Representative -Gretchen D. J. Laubach (102) (3)
Deputy -Mrs. Deborah J. Hackett (153) (1)
Erie VA Hospital –
Representative – Duane L. Stull (2) (11)
Deputy – Mrs. Marilyn L. Stallard (444) (1)
Hollidaysburg Veterans Home-
Representative – Willis L. Shore (159) (9A)
Deputy – Mrs. Shirley A. Bobak (471) (9A)
James E. Van Zandt VA Medical Center-
Representative -Mrs. Mary L. Garman (65) (9A)
Deputy – (Mrs. Linda L. Hosterman (207) (9A)
Lebanon VA Hospital –
Representative-Mrs. Suzanne C. Funk (390) (15B)
Deputy- Kenneth E. Umberger (402) (15A)
Northeastern Pennsylvania Veterans Center-
Representative -James E. Reynolds (76) (17)
Deputy – Maurice Elmer Day, Jr. (67) (19)
Philadelphia VA Hospital –
Representative – James C. Umlauf (428) (27)
Deputy -Arthur G. Pettit (232) (27)
Pittsburgh VA Hospital-Aspinwall
Representative -Mrs. Margaret A. Johnson (453) (26A)
Deputy -Mrs. Jean M. McClintock (229) (26A)
Veterans Hospital-Highland Drive
Representative -William H. Hartland (400) (7)
Deputy -Mrs. E. Jean Meyer (231) (26B)
Pittsburgh VA Hospital-Oakland
Representative – Lee A. Robinson (409) (6)
Deputy – Dr. Caroline R. Brayley (356) (26C)
Southeastern Veterans Center-Spring City
Representative -Andrew G. Krasnansky (235) (24)
Deputy – Mrs. Mary Ann S. Meck (323) (25A)
Southeastern Veterans Center -Highland Drive
Representative -George M. Camlin (404) (6)
Deputy- Donald G. Fisher (73) (26C)
Wilkes-Barre VA Hospital
Representative – Thomas F. Bowditch (174) (21)
Deputy – Mrs. Edith A. Davis (174) (21)

The purpose of this committee is to support the youth organizations in their area not only by sending money for refreshments but by attending their meetings and social functions.  He or she will educate our members about the Educational Scholarship & ESTARL Committee and how it gives thousands of dollars in Scholarships to our Youth at the Grand Chapter Session in June.
General Chairman-Mrs. Diana S. Bloxham (67) (19)
Eastern Chairman -Miss Tamara L. Gossert (390) (15B)
Central Chairman -Mrs. Miranda K. Peruso (280) (9A)
Western Chairman -Mrs. Helen B. Snedden (45) (4B)
Rainbow Liaison -Mrs. Barbara A. Johnson 9251)(15B)
Job’s Daughters Liaison -Mrs. Linda E. Watson (509) (15A)
DeMolay Liaison-Lynwood J. Dixon (551) (15A)