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2017 Spring Edition

2017 Fall Edition

2018 Winter Edition

Our Eastern Star Magazine is a great way for our community to see what other chapters are doing and to catch up on the Worthy Grand Matron’s traveling adventures!

There will be no Regional Appointments for the Magazine.  We are asking that all Worthy Matron’s appoint a Chapter Representative.  The Chapter Representative will send their articles and pictures to the Editor of the Newspaper.

The Magazine staff will assist the Editor with typing, proofreading and formatting.

It is preferred that articles and photos be emailed.  The preferred format is MS Word for articles and jpg for pictures but other formats will be accepted.  All submissions should be emailed to the newspaper email address listed below.  You will receive confirmation of receipt within a few days.

All submissions should be sent to the Editor:

Edition – Submission Deadline – To Publisher

Winter Edition – November 1st – Published in February, 2018
Spring Edition – February 1st – Published in April 2018
Fall Edition – July 1st – Published September 2018

Magazine Editor

Diana Hlavsa
410 Timber Drive
Trafford, PA  15085


Phone: 724-493-8569

Co-Editors of Magazine

Katie Lasswell
Phone: 724-771-6590

Vicki Benscoter
Phone: 570-357-3684

Stacy Meeker-Anthony
Phone: 610-451-8137