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2014 Session Committee

A group of people posing for a photo.

Row 1:  Frank L. Einsel, WGP, HelenBeth G. Vilcek, WGM
Row 2: Margaret McKillop, Sue Duke
Row 3: Marilyn Oldfield, Doris Kay Feight, Edith Thomas
Row 4: Linda Mellon, Norma Ridder, Linda May, Linda Shoemaker, Cathy Wilkie, Sandra Holderbaum, Kathy Whitney, Candida Hosband
Row 5: Michelle Burns, J. David McKibben, Donald Graver, LeeAnne Kingsbauer,  Missing from Picture: Eleanore Meredith

Margarat McKillop 453 (5B) Chairman
Sue Duke 169 (10B) Co-Chairman/Housing
Eleanore Meredith 535 (14B) Secretary
Norma Ridder 422 (10A) Treasurer
Michelle Burns 105 (1B) Choir Director
Edith Thomas 216 (11C) Daily Luncheons
Kathy Whitney 12 (11B) Decorations
Marilyn Oldfield 179 (5B) Divine Service
Sandra Holderbaum 453 (5B) Golden Stars
Candida Hosband 323 (14A) Grand Banquet
Doris K Feight 342 (8A) Hospitality
Linda Shoemaker 446 (10A) Out-of-State Ent.
LeeAnne Kingsbauer 339 (14A) Honors & Protocol
Linda Mellon 185 (12B) Pages
Donald Graver 446 (10A) Paraphernalia
Cathy Wilkie 229 (5B) Sat. Night Ent.
Linda May 360 (10B) Souvenirs
J. David McKibben 375 (8A) Trans & Vendors