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2016 Session Committee

A group of people posing for a photo.

Front Row – Lisa Francart, Kim Hanshaw, Diana Michael, William Johnston, Susan Hulshizer, Candida Hosband
Second Row – Elaine Mann, Cynthia McDaniel, Valerie Guiseppe, Karen Nuscher Creasey, Barbara Mengel,
LeeAnn Kingsbauer, Valerie Graham, Jennifer Kohl.
Third Row – Randa Triggs, Debora Whitfield, Sue Moon, George Camlin, Bonnie Shalala, Kathy Dulcey

Name Chapter / Region Position
Kim Hanshaw 374/14B Chairman
Susan E. Holshizer 499 Co-Chairman/Housing
Lisa M. Francart 463/15 Secretary
Candida Hosband 323/14A Treasurer
Elaine Mann 169/10B Choir Director
Cynthia McDanel 404/3B Daily Luncheons
Valerie Guiseppe 499/15 Decorations
Karen N. Creasey 338/14A Divine Service/Necrology
Barbara Mengel 251/13A Golden Stars
Lee Anne Kingsbauer 339/14A Grand Banquet
Jennifer L. Kohl 509/8B Hospitality
Randa Triggs 356/3B Housing
Debbie Whitfield 356/3B Out-of-State Entertainment
Valerie L. Graham 485/3A Honors & Protocol
Sue A. Moon 263/4B Pages
Bonnie Y. Shalala 129/14B Paraphernalia
Kathy Dulcey 107/12A Souvenirs
George M. Camlin 404/3B Transportation/Vendors