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2017 Session Committee

A group of people posing for a photo.

Front row seated :  Cathy A. Wilkie (229)(5B), Emily D. McCarthy, Donald C. Graver, Maggie M. Kemp (235)(12B)

2nd row : Carla R. Holderbaum (229)(5B), Debbie Griffith (495)(7B), Teri L. Seiter (352)(15), Connie F. Wood (483)(10B), Linda L. Shafer (163)(8A)

3rd Row: Tina  M. Haley (12)(11B), Kathleen L. Hahn (298)(12B), Cherie L. Thomas (28)(9), Michele A. Marshall (229)(5B), Patricia A. Longwell (277)(5B), Nancy Younker (519)(8A)

4th Row: Donald L. Gladfelter (483)(10B),  Evelyn B. Kohl (509)(8B), Susan Gotta (374)(14B), Cynthia L. Kaufman (298)(12B), Richard D. Wary (367)(12B)