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Sessions 2023-24

A group of people posing for a photo.

Front Row: Debra Kobosky, Dawn McCoy, Patty Sopp, Joyce Plonka, Robert Trimble, Diana Hlavsa, Judy Wright, Judy Lewis
Top Row: Michelle Burns, Sandy Voegler, Dale Goodyear, Suzan Freed, Valerie Guiseppe, Jona Green, Katie McGuire, Cheryl Mansour, Heather Seigworth, Joseph DeThomas
Missing: Barbara Carothers, Robert Holderbaum


Chapter Region Position


Patricia Sopp 22 1A General Chairman
Diana Hlavsa 400 5A Co-Chairman
Dawn McCoy 446 10A Secretary
Judith Wright 15 6 Treasurer
Barbara Carothers 110 1B Choir Director
Debbie Kobosky 205 4 Daily Luncheons
Michelle Burns 180 1B Decorations
Dale Goodyear 449 13A Divine Service/Necrology
Valerie Guiseppe 249 15 Grand Banquet
Cheryl  G Mansour 180 1B Honors and Protocol
Jona L Green 446 10A Hospitality
Judith A. Lewis 249 15 Housing
Sandy Voegler 356 3 Information
Katherine E McGuire 316 4 Pages
Joseph J DeThomas 404 3 Paraphernalia
Suzan Freed 164 3 Saturday Night
Robert Holderbaum 229 5B Technical Advisor
Heather L. Seigworth 267 2 Vendors /Safety