Special WGM Communications

UPDATED 01/29/2023

Special Communications from the WGM/WGP are posted in the links below.  They will be updated and posted in the order received (most recent at the TOP of the list)   ..

Home Festival Events are going to be DIFFERENT because of COVID.   Please Check the fliers below.

Eastern Festival Feb 11, 2023
Central Festival March 4, 2023

Western Festival  April 22, 2023 —
Swickley Masonic Village is

currently on COVID lockdown.
The Western village visitation is currently on hold.
Will update when new information is available 

Western Festival to come soon…..

NOTE:  When making reservations for OES events, please DO NOT text or private message via Facebook.  (No member of PA OES has all members loaded into their contacts and not everyone does Facebook.)  Reservations may be made by US Mail, email or phone call to the person taking the reservations.  Please include your name, title, Chapter Name & Number and Region as well as the name, title, Chapter Name & Number and Region of each person for whom you are making reservations.  Be aware that, in most cases, dietary restrictions will only be honored when given with the reservation.  THANK YOU!