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Your Sparkle Counts

Let us introduce you to the “Your Sparkle Counts!” committee.  We are so excited to begin the journey to increase our OES SPARKLE across Pennsylvania during Joyce & Bobby’s year as WGM & WGP.  For the “Your Sparkle Counts!” committee, you can earn points as you SPARKLE this year to Serve, Participate, Assist others, improve Ritualistic work, spread Kindness, provide Leadership…all to Electrify OES.

Please use a “Your Sparkle Counts!” Chapter Member Points Form to start recording your points each time you SPARKLE for OES this year (see links below).  As your SPARKLE shines brighter & brighter and you’ve earned 100 points, your Chapter Representative will award you your first wristband.  You may earn up to 5 wristbands ~ one for each 100 points you earn ~ blue, yellow, white, green, & finally red.  Please turn in a copy of your form to your Chapter Representative at each Chapter meeting, so we can watch the SPARKLE grow across the state each month.  When you SHINE BRIGHT enough to earn all 5 wristbands, please continue to record points and turn in your forms each month to help your Chapter, Region, & Section grow their SPARKLE.

Each Region AGCCM has a “Steppin’ Up Trophy” to be presented each month to the Chapter that STEPPED UP and showed the most SPARKLE!  There will be additional awards at Grand Chapter next year in June, BY THE SHORE IN 2024, so we need everyone to SPARKLE ON!

We know we can COUNT on you to help ENERGIZE PA OES by bringing SPARKLE to all that you say and do this year because..



Your Sparkle Counts! Chapter Member Form PDF

Your Sparkle Counts! Chapter Member Form WORD

Your Sparkle Counts! Chapter Member Form EXCEL

Your Committee Chairmen

Sharon K Wise, General Chairman

Linda L Shafer, Eastern Chairman

Debra K Crabb, Central Chairman

Joan M Kriebel, Western Chairman|


2018 Deputy Grand Matrons

2018 Deputy Grand Matrons

Region           Deputy (Chapter No.)

1A       Susan E Britten (153)
1B       Marlene F Piccolin (100)
2          Janet F Stewart (267)
3A       Nancy A McMillin (124)
3B       M. Joyce Camlin (404)
4B       Holly Jill Patterson (247)
4C       Susan L Ross (316)
5A       Kathy D. Davis (435)
5B       Carolyn R. Paulsen (45)
6          Cindy L. Buckingham (148)
7A       Patricia D. Erhard (283)
7B       Janice Henry (138)
8A       Janet L. Zeger (342)
8B       Laura Heisey (512)
9          Phyllis E. Powell (394)
10A     Norma J Ridder (422)
10B     Catherine C White (360)
11A     Karen M Fuller (70)
11B     Kathy L. Whitney (12)
11C     Norma J Frank (3)
12A     Linda L Sipple (1)
12B     Deborah L Robinson (298)
13A     Barbara J Evans (251)
13B     Barbara A Priadka (203)
14A     Patricia H. Croll (323)
14B     Susan (Sue) L. Gotta (374)
15        Bettie J Wrigley (347)


2018 Grand Officers

Front row: left to right: George Camlin, AGP, Orpha Kemmler, AGM, Sandra Berkey, WGM, Douglas Fraley, WGP, Linda Watson, GC, Linda Dimino, AGC

Second row; Virginia Plyler, PGM, Grand Secretary, Todd Johnson, Grand Chaplin, Edith Thomas, Grand Adah, DottiAnn Edmonds, Grand Ruth, Betsy Lykens, Grand Esther, Ruth Brouse, Grand Martha, Lisa Weaver, Grand Electa and Martha Johns, Grand Treasurer

Third row: Ashley Helman, Grand Marshal, Lynn Canty, Grand Organist, Richard Wary, Grand Sentinel, Patricia Longwell, Grand Warder, Bradley Lewis, PGP, Grand Trustee, Robert Trimble, Grand Trustee and Joyce Plonka, Grand Trustee.


Name Chapter/Region Title
Sandra K. Berkey 388 (7A)
Worthy Grand Matron
Douglas R. Fraley 339 (14A)
Worthy Grand Patron
Orpha G. Kemmler 280 (7A) Associate Grand Matron
George M. Camlin  404 (3B) Associate Grand Patron
Virginia L. Plyler, PGM 312 (14B) Grand Secretary
Martha A. John 392 (8A) Grand Treasurer
Linda E. Watson 509 (8B) Grand Conductress
Linda M.Dimino 12 (11B) Assoc. Grand Conductress
Bradley A. Lewis 52 (6) Grand Trustee (1) year
Robert F. Trimble 463 (15) Grand Trustee (2) years
Joyce E. Plonka 180 (1B) Grand Trustee (3) years
Todd L. Johnson (375)(8A) Grand Chaplain
Ashley K. Helman  (216)(11C) Grand Marshal
Lynn M. Canty  (279)(9) Grand Organist
Edith A. Thomas  (216)(11C) Grand Adah
DottiAnn Edmonds  (339)(14A) Grand Ruth
 Betsy E. Lykens  (388)(7A) Grand Esther
 Ruth A. Brouse  (282)(9) Grand Martha
  Lisa S. Weaver (388)(7A)  Grand Electa
 Patricia A. Longwell  (277)(5B) Grand Warder
 Richard D. Wary  (367)(13B) Grand Sentinel