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1983 Grand Officers

Name Chapter/Region Title
Betty L. MacAdam 235 Worthy Grand Matron
Justin H. Walch 2 Worthy Grand Patron
Elizabeth Hammell 146 Associate Grand Matron
C. William Gensel 539 Associate Grand Patron
Lillian S. Tegethoff 410 Grand Secretary
Evelyn B. Stevens 375 Grand Treasurer
Edith M. Lowans 519 Grand Conductress
Evelyn Kostenbauder 366 Assoc. Grand Conductress
Margaret M. Finley, PGM 155 Grand Trustee (1) year
Nancy J. Acker, PGM 114 Grand Trustee (2) years
Dorothy B. Blaney 437 Grand Trustee (3) years
Betty A. Miller 202 Grand Chaplain
Myrtle E. Ruger 235 Grand Marshal
Bertha T. Ranck 249 Grand Organist
Saralee B. Tollinger 446 Grand Adah
Mary V. Edwards 306 Grand Ruth
E. Linnea Strutz 271 Grand Esther
Margaret E. Berger 449 Grand Martha
Dorothy B. Fairer 339 Grand Electa
Lucille S. Lawall 145 Grand Warder
Ray E. Sands 508 Grand Sentinel


Service Dogs


Items are available for purchase to support the Service Dog Project.  See your Chapter or Regional Representative

Photo Courtesy of
Karen McKibben,
General Chairman, 2018










IN ADDITION….  The official logo service dog shirts are now available for purchase.  They come in three different types: Polo, T-shirt and long sleeve shirts.
They are available in several different colors as well.

Go to this link to see options, colors and to place an order.

Service Dogs Shirts

All monies raised will stay in Pennsylvania

2015-18 General Grand

Those Pennsylvania Members who Supported
Brother Robert C Penoyer and Sister Helen Westmoreland
in 2015-2018.

Judy Rutter


Judy A. Rutter
Worthy Grand Ruth


Rhonda Johnson


Rhonda M. Johnson
Ambassador to Peru




Beverly Small


CHeryl Wiilson

Cheryl D. Wilson
Chm., Public Relations



Carla Thompson


Carla K. Thompson


Jo-Anne Karnes


Jo-Anne G. Karnes
Service Dogs




Melody K. Sorge
Triennial Assembly Chairman, PA




Helen Beth G. Vilcek
Triennial Assembly, Co-Chairman,PA




Jo-Ann E. Lauderman
Triennial Assembly Chairman, Finance, PA


Shirley Capo


Shirley B. Capo
Triennial Assembly Chairman, PA Decorating




Joyce E. Ferguson
Triennial Assembly Co-Chairman, Triennial Housing, PA



Anna H. Miller
Triennial Assembly Co-Chairman, Social Events




Mary Ann B. Naugle
Triennial Assembly Chairman, Vendors, PA




Ann K. Berger
Triennial Assembly Unfinished Business


Brad Lewis

Bradley A. Lewis
Chairman, Community Service





Harry W. Fisher


Bruce Hofius


M. Bruce Hofius



John J. Kibler
Regenerative Medicine





D. Ronald Kerns
Chairman, Shriner’s Charities


Kenneth V. Pineda
Support for First Responders





Mariel Penoyer
Personal Secretary to MWGP



PA Hummingbirds: PA Eagles
Barbara Adams, PGM Robert E. Holderbaum, Jr., PP
Arlene Flohr, PGM Sallie Prihode, PM
Janet Jo Dodson, PM Edward C. Seiter, PGP
Dolores Fisher, PM Karen J. Snyder, PM

2018 Deputy Grand Matrons

2018 Deputy Grand Matrons

Region           Deputy (Chapter No.)

1A       Susan E Britten (153)
1B       Marlene F Piccolin (100)
2          Janet F Stewart (267)
3A       Nancy A McMillin (124)
3B       M. Joyce Camlin (404)
4B       Holly Jill Patterson (247)
4C       Susan L Ross (316)
5A       Kathy D. Davis (435)
5B       Carolyn R. Paulsen (45)
6          Cindy L. Buckingham (148)
7A       Patricia D. Erhard (283)
7B       Janice Henry (138)
8A       Janet L. Zeger (342)
8B       Laura Heisey (512)
9          Phyllis E. Powell (394)
10A     Norma J Ridder (422)
10B     Catherine C White (360)
11A     Karen M Fuller (70)
11B     Kathy L. Whitney (12)
11C     Norma J Frank (3)
12A     Linda L Sipple (1)
12B     Deborah L Robinson (298)
13A     Barbara J Evans (251)
13B     Barbara A Priadka (203)
14A     Patricia H. Croll (323)
14B     Susan (Sue) L. Gotta (374)
15        Bettie J Wrigley (347)


2018 Session Committee

2018-19 Session Committee

Front row: left to right: Suzanne Wary, Chairman (367)(13B), Sandra Berkey, WGM, Douglas Fraley, WGP, Carole Baker, Co-Chairman (290)(7A)

Second row: Linda Hosterman, Treasurer (283)(7A), Janet Duffy, Out of State Entertainment (422)(10A), Gwendolyn Richards, Decorations (479)(8A), Kay Fleming, Hospitality (283)(7A), Lorella Unangst, Souvenirs (163)(12B), Sharon Cooley, Choir Director (392)(8A), Rebecca Krout, Necrology (360)(10B) and Carolyn Marks, Secretary (222)(9)

Third row: Robert Wright, Transportation and Vendors (15)(6), Cynthia DePaul, Daily Luncheons (156)(1B), Jill Bucks, Housing (509)(8B), Julie Bridge, Pages (180)(1B), Marie Moffet, Honors and Protocol (551)(15), Jody Reed, Grand Banquet (180)(1B), Nicole Hurlbutt, Information (28)(9) and Edward Glantz, Paraphernalia (388)(7A)