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2021-2022 Session Committee

The following members have been appointed to the 127th Session Committee:


Session Chair
Cathy A. Hoke
425, 8B





Valerie J. Guiseppe
249, 15





Violet L. Welk
422, 10A






Debora K. Crabb
394, 9




Choir Director
Nicole D. Hurlbutt
28, 9





Daily Luncheons
Laura Heisey
512, 8B




Linda M. Johnson
396, 12




Divine Service and Necrology
Linda M. Larson
392, 8A






Grand Banquet
Barbara C. Sill
459, 8A





Carol A. Hunt
67, 11C





Eric R. Holden
342, 8A







Honors and Protocol
Cathy L. Melville
221, 5A





Sharon K. Wise
205, 4





Out-of-State Entertainment
Toni A. Harmony
509, 8B





Sabrina Brobst
154, 13B






Michael E. Byers
459, 8A





Saturday Night Entertainment Tawny K. Mummah 260, 8A


Saturday Night Entertainment
Tawny K. Mummah
260, 8A






Vendors & Safety John J. Colaianne 229, 5B

Vendors & Safety
John J. Colaianne
229, 5B


Appointed Grand Officers 2020-21

The following members has been selected to serve in the Grand Family for 2020-2021

Grand Chaplain
Dale C. Goodyear
Conrad Weiser No. 449
Region 13A




Grand Marshal
Andrea V. McCabe
Morning Light No. 312
Region 14B




Grand Organist
Grace M. McClester
Woodlawn No. 164
Region. 3A




Grand Adah
Holly Jill Patterson
Connellsville No. 247
Region 4






Grand Ruth
Diane E. Hicks
West Chester No. 352
Region 15





Grand Esther
Laurie E. Miller
Old Bellaire No. 375
Region 8A





Grand Martha
Marlene F. Piccolin
Mercer No. 180
Region 1B






Grand Electa
Gleny’s J. Edwards
Laurel No. 67
Region 11C




Grand Warder
Janet M. Sattizahn
Orwigsburg No. 424
Region 13B





Grand Sentinel
Jerry  F. Longwell
Kittanning No. 277
Region 5B