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2023-24 GO

2023-24 Grand Officers




Office: Name: Chapter
Region: Email:
Worthy Grand Matron Joyce E. Plonka 180 1B
Worthy Grand Patron Robert F. Trimble (Lisa) 446 10A
Assoc. Grand Matron Marcia H. Holland 356 3
Assoc Grand Patron Michael E. Byers 459 8A
Grand Secretary Virginia L. (Gee Gee) Plyler (Richard) 312 14B
Grand Treasurer Susan K. Fisher 280 7A
Grand Conductress M. Joyce Camlin (George) 404 3
Assoc. Grand Conductress Debbie A. Helm 375 8A
Grand Trustee Vicky J. Botjer 198 11C
Grand Trustee Lisa S. Weaver (Edward Glantz) 388 10A
Grand Chaplain Janet F Stewart 267 2
Grand Marshal Julie R Bridge 180 1B
Grand Organist Grace M McClester 164 3
Grand Adah Allison C. “Chris” Wheeler 156 1B Allison C. “Chris” Wheeler
Grand Ruth Carol E Ruffner 115 13A
Grand Esther Dawn L Shaver-Quinn 58 12A
Grand Martha Lisa M Francart 446 10A
Grand Electa Jody L Reed 180 1B
Grand Warder JoAnn P Vogan 267 2
Grand Sentine; Edward J Glantz 388 7A
Personal Secy to WGM Roberta M. Hensel 180 1B

Worthy Grand Matron:         Joyce E. Plonka (180) (1B)
Worthy Grand Patron        Robert F. Trimble (Lisa) (446) (10A)

Associate Grand Matron:         Marcia H. Holland (356) (3)

Associate Grand Patron:      Michael E. Byers (459) (8A)

Grand Secretary:        Virginia L. (Gee Gee) Plyler (Richard) (312) (14B)

Grand Treasurer:        Susan K. Fisher (280) (7A)

Grand Conductress: Joyce Camlin (George) (404) (3)

Associate Grand Conductress:       Debbie A. Helm (375) (8A)

Grand Trustee

Lisa S. Weaver (Edward Glantz) (388) (7A)

Grand Trustee

Vicky J. Botjer (198) (11C)

Grand Trustee

Donald C. Graver, PGP (Sidney) (446) (10A)

Grand Chaplain:

Janet F Stewart (267) (2)

Grand Marshal:

Julie R Bridge (180) (1B)

Grand Organist:

Grace M McClester (164) (3)

Grand Adah:

Allison  C.Wheeler (156) (1B)

Grand Ruth:

Carol E Ruffner (115) (13A)

Grand Esther:

Dawn L Shaver-Quinn (58) (12A)

Grand Martha:

      Lisa M Francart (446) (10A)

Grand Electa:

      Jody L Reed (180) (1B)

Grand Warder:

JoAnn P Vogan  (267) (2)

Grand Sentinel:

      Edward J Glantz (388) (7A)

Grand Secretary Emeritus

Mary Ann Rhode (Ronald) (449) (13A)

Grand Treasurer Emeritus:

Martha A. Johns (Larry) (392) (8A)

Personal Secretary to the WGM:

Roberta M. Hensel (180) (1B)


2023 Worthy Grand Patron

Robert F. Trimble






Scriptures: We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.
Romans 8:28
I can do all things through him who strengthens me.
Philippians 4:13

Theme: Be kind to others and treat them the same way that you wish to be treated.

Emblem: Tractor

Flowers: Iris

Colors: Blue

WGM & WGP Special Project: Shriners Hospitals for Children & Scottish Rite Dyslexia Centers

Honor Station: Grand Marshall