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Service Dogs


Items are available for purchase to support the Service Dog Project.  See your Chapter or Regional Representative

Photo Courtesy of
Karen McKibben,
General Chairman, 2018










IN ADDITION….  The official logo service dog shirts are now available for purchase.  They come in three different types: Polo, T-shirt and long sleeve shirts.
They are available in several different colors as well.

Go to this link to see options, colors and to place an order.

Service Dogs Shirts

All monies raised will stay in Pennsylvania

2018 Session Committee

2018-19 Session Committee

Front row: left to right: Suzanne Wary, Chairman (367)(13B), Sandra Berkey, WGM, Douglas Fraley, WGP, Carole Baker, Co-Chairman (290)(7A)

Second row: Linda Hosterman, Treasurer (283)(7A), Janet Duffy, Out of State Entertainment (422)(10A), Gwendolyn Richards, Decorations (479)(8A), Kay Fleming, Hospitality (283)(7A), Lorella Unangst, Souvenirs (163)(12B), Sharon Cooley, Choir Director (392)(8A), Rebecca Krout, Necrology (360)(10B) and Carolyn Marks, Secretary (222)(9)

Third row: Robert Wright, Transportation and Vendors (15)(6), Cynthia DePaul, Daily Luncheons (156)(1B), Jill Bucks, Housing (509)(8B), Julie Bridge, Pages (180)(1B), Marie Moffet, Honors and Protocol (551)(15), Jody Reed, Grand Banquet (180)(1B), Nicole Hurlbutt, Information (28)(9) and Edward Glantz, Paraphernalia (388)(7A)




2017 Session Committee

Front row seated :  Cathy A. Wilkie (229)(5B), Emily D. McCarthy, Donald C. Graver, Maggie M. Kemp (235)(12B)

2nd row : Carla R. Holderbaum (229)(5B), Debbie Griffith (495)(7B), Teri L. Seiter (352)(15), Connie F. Wood (483)(10B), Linda L. Shafer (163)(8A)

3rd Row: Tina  M. Haley (12)(11B), Kathleen L. Hahn (298)(12B), Cherie L. Thomas (28)(9), Michele A. Marshall (229)(5B), Patricia A. Longwell (277)(5B), Nancy Younker (519)(8A)

4th Row: Donald L. Gladfelter (483)(10B),  Evelyn B. Kohl (509)(8B), Susan Gotta (374)(14B), Cynthia L. Kaufman (298)(12B), Richard D. Wary (367)(12B)

2017 Deputy Grand Matrons

Front row seated: Emily D. McCarthy, WGM,  Donald C. Graver, WGP

2nd row standing: Linda L. Sipple, Francis P. Newlin , Patricia D. Erhard , Sue E. Britten, Barbara J. Evans, Debbie L. Renninger , Karen M. Fuller, Kim M. Sinnett , Janet L. Zeger

3rd row: Judy L. Herstine, Deborah J. Miler, Norma J. Frank, Norma R. Hetzlein, Norma J. Ridder , M. Joyce Camlin,  Ruth B. Brosky , Sharon K. Ferree , Janet F. Stewart

4th Row: Kathy D. Davis, Helen A. Hughes , Marlene F. Piccolin, Fern E. Houser, Bonnie  V. Colaianne , Jean A. Drake, Stephanie C. McHugh , Phyllis E. Powell, Terry L. Kamerzel

Region Name Ch. No.
1A Sue E. Britten 153
1B Marlene F. Piccolin  100
2 Janet F. Stewart 267
3A Judy L. Herstine 164
3B M. Joyce Camlin 404
4B Debbie L. Renninger 247
4C Ruth B. Brosky 418
5A Kathy D. Davis 435
5B Bonnie V. Colaianne 229
6 Deborah J. Miller  95
7A Patricia D. Erhard  283
7B Norma R. Hetzlein  495
8A Janet L. Zeger  342
8B Terry L. Kamerzel  146
9 Phyllis E. Powell  394
10A Norma J. Ridder  422
10B Sharon K. Ferree  517
11A Karen M. Fuller  70
11B Kim M. Sinnett  12
11C Norma J. Frank  3
12A Linda L. Sipple  1
12B Helen A. Hughes  163
13A Barbara J. Evans  251
13B Fern E. Houser  424
14A Stephanie C. McHugh  96
14B Jeanne A. Drake  374
15 Frances P. Newlin  249

2017 Grand Officers

Seated front row: Orpha G. Kemmler, GC, Sandra K. Berkey, AGM, Emily D. McCarthy, WGM, Donald C. Graver, WGP, Douglas R. Fraley, AGP, Linda E. Watson, AGC

2nd Row standing:  Virginia L. Plyler, PGM, Grand Secretary, Sandra K. Lint Grand Electa, Donna L. Faub, Grand Martha, Coralee J. Rittenhouse, Grand Esther, Dawn M. McCoy, Grand Ruth, Alice M. Pell, Grand Adah, Martha A. Johns, Grand Treasurer

3rd Row: Linda K. Jolly, Grand Organist, Marcia H. Holland, Grand Marshal, Connie J. Farmer, Grand Chaplain

4th Row: Robert E. Holderbaum, Grand Sentinel, Joan A. Miller, Grand Warder, Bradley A. Lewis, Grand Trustee, Joyce E. Plonka, Grand Trustee, Robert F. Trimble, Grand Trustee


Name Chapter/Region Title
Emily D. McCarthy 146 (8B) Worthy Grand Matron
Donald C. Graver 446 (10A) Worthy Grand Patron
Sandra K. Berkey 388 (7A) Associate Grand Matron
Douglas R. Fraley 339 (14A) Associate Grand Patron
Virginia L. Plyler, PGM 312 (14B) Grand Secretary
Martha A. John 392 (8A) Grand Treasurer
Orpha G. Kemmler 280 (7A) Grand Conductress
Linda E. Watson 509 (8B) AGC
Joyce E. Plonka 180 (1B) Grand Trustee (1) year
Bradley A. Lewis 52 (6) Grand Trustee (2) years
Robert F. Trimble 463 (15) Grand Trustee (3) years
Connie J. Farmer 374 (14B)  Grand Chaplain
Marcia H. Holland 356 (3B)    Grand Marshal
Linda K. Jolly 214 (12B)      Grand Organist
Alice M. Pell  425 (8-B) Grand Adah
Dawn M. McCoy 446 (10A)  Grand Ruth
Coralee J. Rittenhouse 44 (1A)    Grand Esther
Donna L. Faub 73 (3B)  Grand Martha
Sandra K. Lint 495 (7B)    Grand Electa
Joan A. Miller 146 (8B)  Grand Warder
Robert E. Holderbaum 229 (5B) Grand Sentinel