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Itinerary (Updated)

Updated 07/13/2023 – Printer version

NOTE: The links to the  monthly events are below the following text…..

            In an attempt to save Chapters and Regions the cost of printing and mailing invitations, the following Itinerary supplies the information for each event.

Date, Chapter Name and Number, Region.
Type of Meeting or Event, Time.
Full address of meeting or event location.
(If meeting and dinner are at different
locations, both addresses are listed.)
Reservation deadline, cost
Checks payable to:
Reservation Chairman with full Address,
Telephone, and Email address.

     For introduction and seating purposes, please make reservations for luncheons, banquets, and meetings.  All luncheon and banquet reservations shall be PAID IN ADVANCE.
Invitations will be sent to those entitled to receive them in cases where the above information is not given.

The Worthy Grand Matron will be attending ALL Itinerary events.
The Worthy Grand Patron and his wife will be attending ALL Itinerary events unless notified otherwise.

If you have not already done so, please supply Sister Roberta Hensel, Personal Secretary to the WGM, with explicit directions to your meeting place, luncheon, or dinner, as she will be coordinating them for the Grand Officers.

If possible, reserve a parking place for both the WGM and WGP.  However, do not use handicapped spaces for this purpose.
     In addition to the Worthy Grand Matron and Worthy Grand Patron, I would appreciate the WGP spouse, and Grand Officers also being guests. 

NOTE: Each month, Chapter Secretaries are requested to read the first line of the Itinerary (Date, Event, & Time) when Grand Officers will be in nearby areas.  The Itinerary should be on the Secretary’s desk so that the members can obtain the reservation information.

In keeping with clothing trends in the 21st Century and in the work force, appropriate pant attire would be SUITable attire for some OES functions.
     Appropriate pant attire does not include jeans, leggings, sweat pants and sweatshirts or Tee Shirts.

Formal Attire: Gown/long skirt, tux, or dark business suit.
(Formal Attire pertains to WMs,
WPs, and all Appointments.)

Business Attire: Suit, dress, business suit, or appropriate pant attire.
(Luncheons, Festivals, etc.)

Casual Attire: Dresses, skirts, slacks,
casual slacks.

Picnic Attire: Slacks, capris, Bermuda/walking shorts (no short shorts)

Note: If a check is presented and is returned to the Grand Chapter of Pennsylvania as non-sufficient funds, the fees that will be charged for the NSF check are as follows: $25 plus any bank fees that are applicable. A money order, bank check, or cash will be required for payment of the NSF check, $25.00 charge and bank fees

This year’s itinerary is available by month through the following pages


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